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    Flawless pink

    Hi I wanted to try using flawless pink powder as one of the other nail techs in the salon where I work uses it and thinks it is great, so thought I would give it a go. I assumed it was a creative product but it isn't in my product catalogue. Any ideas? thanks Kirsty
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    Am I Normal!!!!!

    I've been doing nails for a little over a year and constantly swing from feeling quite confident about my ability to apply beautiful nails to feeling that I am completely useless and almost chucking the whole thing in. Is this normal and does it ever get any better? Kirsty
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    Please help - lifting problem

    Hi everyone. I have just started working freelance in a local salon a couple of days a week, but have been doing nails for just over a year working from home. I did a clients nails in the salon a couple of weeks ago and she had really soft and damaged nail plates from having nails in the...
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    Nail Art Stand

    Hi I've just started to do some of my own nail art designs (only basic stuff with transfers and rhinestones etc), but I wondered if anyone could tell me where I could get a nail art stand/display from. Thanks Kirsty
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    Working in a Salon (Scared!!!!)

    I've been working from home doing nails for a year now and only did my creative conversion course last Monday. I went into a new salon in a village near where I live for waxing and they asked about my nails. I told them I did them and was a tech. working from home etc. Then a couple of weeks...
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    Solar Oil

    Try as I might, I just cannot get my clients to purchase solar oil. I have told them all about the benefits etc etc. but still they say "no thanks". I thought about increasing the price of my full sets by a fiver and including the solar oil in the price, what do you think? Kirsty
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    Aggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Picking nail extensions

    I could scream!!!! No matter how often you tell clients not to pick or bite their nail extensions, why do they insist on doing it? My mother in law in coming tomorrow to have her nails removed and she spoke to my husband last night and told him she had bitten/picked all but 1 of her nails...
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    Missed Appointments

    I was just wondering what you guys do about missed appointments. I work from home and have 3 young children, 1 at school, 2 at nursery so have to work around pick up and drop off times. I have recently had a couple of missed appointments where people just don't phone or turn up. I usually...
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    Creative Liquid & Powder conversion course

    Hi everyone I'm booked to go on the creative conversion course in Action on 26th April. Does anyone know whether you are allowed to keep your own nails on to do the couse or do I have to remove them first? Also it says to bring your tools of the trade, what does this mean? Thanks Kirsty
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    Nail Files

    Hi I'm new to this website and was looking for some advice. I was just wondering what nail files everyone uses. I use the star nails 180 zebra foam files and seem to get through them really quickly, i.e 1 or 2 per person depending on whether is is rebalance or straight infills. Is this...