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    Removal of roller head cartridges

    Hi, I used the "Just Wax" Roller wax heaters for leg and forearm waxes. However I find it most annoying how the roller heads are fixed on. Quite wasteful. They are 100ml cartridges. Does anyone know of any that will fit the heater that can remove the heads please? Thank you
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    Business card update

    Hi, I've just qualified in Manicure and Pedicure. Other than this qualification, I am a Holistic Therapist. I need to update my business card, but don't know what to write. I thought about nail technician, but surely this means lots of nail services including enhancements - which i never wish...
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    Timing on manicures and pedicures

    Hi, I have my manicure and pedicure practical exams tomorrow (well today now!). My only worry is my timing. I have to do a basic manicure - file, cuticle work, polish in 30 minutes, a luxury in 60 minutes, a basic pedicure - soak, foot file, scrub, foot lotion, file, cuticle work, polish and a...
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    Nail swatches

    Hi, Just wondering which swatches are better - clear or white? Thanks :)
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    Harmony Gelish and CND Vinylux?

    Hi, What are your opinions on Harmony Gelish and CND Vinylux? Do your clients like them? Fav colours, etc. I'm looking into buying these so want to make sure I'm making the right decision. Thanks
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    Heat rash after giving massages

    Hi, Sometimes I get heat rash after I've given a massage. Usually Swedish - probably because I feel hotter from working hard. Was just wondering if anyone else gets the same? Thanks! :)
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    OPI nail polish

    Hi, I currently do holistics. But I'm going to do a manicure and pedicure course to add more treatments, and then do gel (polish) nails. I have chosen my brand for nail polish already - OPI. I just love their colours so much. Even if they are a little expensive. I was wondering, how many...
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    Hi, I am currently a Holistic Therapist who works self employed in two salons and would like to add more strings to my bow. I'm looking into doing a manicure and pedicure course (VTCT accredited) and I would like to start getting some materials. I have decided to use OPI as a polish as I love...