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    Christmas treatments

    Hi just wondering any massage therapists have any winter/xmas treatments they could share with me.... Interesting to no all your treatments. :-)
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    Aromatherapy oils

    Hi where does everyone purchase there oils from???
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    Holistic therapists

    Hi Everyone, Hopefully that we will come out of lockdown soon fingers crossed. I wanted to ask do any of you do offers round Xmas to do with your therapies. I am having a little bit of a brain storm to come up with offers to keep me busy in December seems we haven’t worked through November...
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    Hot stones - mobile

    Hi just wondering if you therapists carry out hot stone massage while mobile???? There’s a lot I have to carry however someone has mention about a portable heater for the stones.... anyone used these before??? Also where did you buy these from? melt me no your thoughts.
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    Covid-19 and new guidelines

    So........ New guidelines state we can’t go into other people’s houses from 21/9/2020...... what if I am mobile would this effect me???? or is this ok for businesses??? I do wear full PPE.
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    Facial or back massage first?

    Hi all, So i have a booking this week for a facial and a back massage however....... What would you do first ? I was thinking massage as they lay on there front then after get changed where’s the facial they can leave the product on rather than laying on the front for a massage.... What do you...
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    Best insurance?

    Hi guys best insurance for massage, Indian head, ear candling, basic facials, pregnancy massage??
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    Consultation forms

    Hi all I am looking into online consultation forms prior to treatment and once I get to there house go over the consultation in detail. I have got a few forms on that JotForm - which is free however when I tried to fill it in myself as a practice I keep getting this.. (***your appointment is...
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    Mobile facial - sit or stand?

    Hi everyone just wanted to see what everyone does when they carry out facials mobile. Do you sit or stand? my beds quite high so I think for me would be best to stand and I have a lil trolley.
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    Massage men!

    Hi just wondering what is your take on massaging men??? I have massaged men but always left left the groin area! now I have been asked todo a massage on friends hubby but he’s suffering with his groin from playing football! would you massage men in this area???
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    Facials - aromatherapy massage

    Hi everyone, So am about to go mobile in a few weeks doing facials however am trained in essential oils as well. Is there anyone on here that uses facial products and incorporates essential oil? my idea is to do a basic facial & a luxury facial with aromatherapy and a nice shoulder neck arm...