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  1. J


    I usually just say to new clients "I do the payment and next appointment bookings before I get started so that you don't ruin your polish/new nails before I've even left your house!!" Then get your cash box out and your diary....they normally say "ohh that's a good idea I didn't think about...
  2. J

    Do you expect or want flowers on Valentines?

    I completely agree. Hubby and I just get a card for each other....but only a cheap one..not a huge teddy bear covered padded monstrosity! :lol:
  3. J

    Jester,diesel1978 & plant-nails.............

    Don't worry. Sorry to hear about your loss. Thinking of you. Rachael x
  4. J

    Silly Question

    My sister has an allergy to any type of nuts. Just standing next to someone who had them for lunch is enough to start her allergy. Her throat closes and face puffs up....not nice. I wouldn't use Solar products near your client again.
  5. J

    any good remedies for heartburn??????

    Try love heart sweets...they are slightly fizzy and this helped me with my heartburn when I was pregnant. He was born with masses of blonde hair!!!
  6. J

    Portable Table (i Have Done A Search, Honest)

    Have you tried Sallys or salon Services? I got my portable table from Sallys for £80ish. It folds right down and is very lightweight. It is made specifically for mobile nail techs and so is the perfect height and width.
  7. J

    Raffle Supporter Question

    Thanks GMG I have just pmd you
  8. J

    Raffle Supporter Question

    Am I missing something? I have noticed that when some people post they have a little line that says "RAFLLE SUPPORTER" and some ribbons. I assume this means that they have purchased tickets. I have tickets too.....how do I get this on my posts?
  9. J

    Do the clients really pay that much???

    Yup me too. I go just under the retail price and also make sure that they know what the rrp is. I also make up sets and offer a discount on them. The ones that sell the best are the "bespoke" ones that I make after an appointment if the client says they like the smell, texture of several items...
  10. J

    Nite Owls??

    I'm an early bird....my son gets up at 5am.....bleurgh! If I was still young free and childless I would definatly be a nite owl.
  11. J

    Daily Mail article have you seen

    Whilst I was pregnant the papers printed reports that you shouldn't swim as chlorine could cause problems, you shouldn't drink too much coffee or tea, take hot baths etc. Unfortunately I swam twice a week, had a craving for strong black coffee and could only bear a bath if it was boiling hot...
  12. J

    New Style

    I like it a lot! Very trendy!!!
  13. J

    Email Scams Revenge!

    I could sit and read about these idiots all day! Serves them right! You'd think that they would at least research their scam material first so that they gave the impression of actually having been around horses. Fancy falling for the garden wolf story too!
  14. J

    for all e-bay'ers-funny!!!

    Fab !
  15. J

    Has anyone heard of .....?

    Geeg, your thoughts are probably the same as mine!!!!!! I am tryin to talk her out of it, but she is adamant. Mind you she also thinks that I waste my time doing extra training courses as I "already did one last year"! Oh well I'll keep trying to persuade her to wait and save some money and...
  16. J

    Has anyone heard of .....?

    Ok, she called BABTAC and they have said that it is a good course and that she will be able to get insurance through BSY and that she will be fully covered. (She HAS to do the practical day though) I'm still not convinced, but I think she is!!!
  17. J

    Has anyone heard of .....?

    Thanks guys. You are confirming my thoughts. I am really concerned that although she has plenty of friends to practice on how does she know she has the right technique etc. She needs to do it like this as she has three kids (all of which are below school age) and wants to get into the industry...
  18. J

    Inspired 3D nailart

    I love these. Can't wait until I am talented enough to do them like that.
  19. J

    Has anyone heard of .....?

    Has anyone heard of BSY Group? They offer home learn courses for Beauticians and are associated with BABTAC. You have to do a day of practical assesment with them to get your qualification (A BSY Diploma which entitles you to use certain letters after your name). My friend is adamant that she...