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    Loughton or Sittingbourne?

    Can someone tell me which training academy is less miles from the Dartford tunnel, Sitingbourne or Loughton? Thanks in advance.
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    Open Forums Question

    In this months scratch page 4 i have been reading about the Milton Keynes open forums during August and September they sound very intresting, does anyone know if Acton or Loughton do these??????????? Do you just turn up or do you book a place?
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    Master Geek in the making!

    Had to tell you all. I haven't done pink and white l&p for a few years, love my fibreglass (now Fabric#). Sitting here this afternoon practicing my l&p on my trainer hand and quite pleased with my first attempt UNTIL my 13 year old son looks at my first attempt and said very quickly OH THATS A...
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    monday at olympia

    Any geeks meeting at Olympia tomorrow (Monday)?? I feel very left out not being able to go today:| Someone must be going tomorrow!
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    creative at olympia

    Just a quick question will i be able to buy a creative trainer hand at olympia? I was going to order direct but as i'm going to olympia thought i would pick one up there! I have done my creative conversion but still need to perfect those smile lines.
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    so helpful at creative

    BIG thanks to Sarah at creative (Leeds) i rang today to enquire about the spa manicure/pedicure, she was so helpful and answered lots questions for me. I will be booking the spa courses very soon! :) :) :)
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    Creative Training

    Can i just say, what a great site everyone is so friendlly and helpful!! Do you all know each other? Do you all meet up on a regular basis? Anyway back to another question, i done my conversion course at Hammersmith with Ketan a few years ago. Is there a training academy in Kent? As i found...
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    Creative Pedicure Products

    When I Done My Training At College I Covered Acrylic, Fibreglass And Manicure. Can I Buy A Pedicure Kit From Creative And Get Free Training? Or Do I Need A Proper Pedicure Certificate To Do This?
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    Advertising For Mobile Techs

    I Am Going Mobile In A Few Weeks Once I Get All My New Stock From Olympia. How Did All You Mobile Nail Techs Get Started With Clients?? I Advertised In My Local News Paper And Got One Call. Any Advice Would Be Helpful.