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    Good LED nail lamps on ebay?

    Just wondering if anyone has found a good LED nail lamp on ebay? I am considering purchasing the OPI lamp as it is on sale at the moment for $399 including a manicure light on top.. but if there is a good light on ebay for cheaper then i'd go for that Just wondering if anyone has any...
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    So disheartened-Orly Gel FX

    so i've recently purchased the orly gel fx starter kit (includes the primer, base, top, 3 colours, remover, cleanser etc) and i also brought some more colours, and i am LOVING the application, colours etc but no matter what i try it doesnt last for longer then one day without lifting/chipping or...
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    So disheartened .. orly gel fx

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    Gel questions, please help!

    Hi all :) I'm almost finished my beauty therapy training and am interested in starting to do my own gel from home. (purely for personal use/family etc) In a few weeks there will be a beauty expo that i'm wanting to buy this all from, so i want to know by then what i'm gonna do I'm...