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    Keune grey coverage and toners

    Hi all I haven't posted for a good year or so here! I set ups home salon in July 2016 using wella colours and have been very successful. To be honest though I just find wella too pricey for what I can justify charging being a home salon and I'm researching other colour lines, particularly...
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    First time using Pravana

    I thought I'd share this balayage... The shine was awesome after!
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    Today's direct dye colour correction

    5 hours but so proud of this one!
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    Protein filler

    i kind of f****d up today. I had a new client who had her hair chemically burnt. It happened 12 weeks ago and she has been taking care of it as best as she can. I coloured as usual... Perm on grey regrowth and demi through the ends. I completely underestimated how much damage had been caused to...
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    Converting Kuene to Wella?

    hi all I have a client visiting me whilst her regular stylist is on holiday. She is a base 7 and her usual colourist uses Kuene half a tube of 7/43, half 7/44 and 1/4 tube 7/0. I've not used kuene and don't really want to go and buy the colours just for her. Does anyone know how similar are they...
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    Application advice please

    i have a client in who is currently left, wants to be right. She booked in for a root stretch, although sent his photo and clearly stated she doesn't want to lose too much blonde, just soften the harsh line. I do heaps of ombre's, and comb through etc to get a good blend, but she doesn't want...
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    Stumped for ideas

    a new client had come to me for ideas. She hates her hair and over all wants to be lighter. She used to have a full head of bleach so ultimately I think is missing being a blonde, although she said she's happy to keep the dark roots and maybe work towards a balayage. She has the goldwell...
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    Fixing balyage

    it's been a pretty shit weekend of fixing up other stylists poor work. One poor lady had her hair chemically straightened. Or should I say chemically fried. Anyway, I have this lady in on Saturday... She wants to to 'lighten up her balyage'. All I can think to do based on the poor application...
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    Purple pics please!

    hey geeks... I work alone and sometimes I wish I didn't! I've got client next week that is coming from UK so I can't get a strand test. She is a level 4 and wants a vibrant purple. First up, what level do I need to lift to? Also, does anyone have any photos of purples they have done? She's told...
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    Favourite product for styling/curls

    hi all... I'm currently stocked up with 2/3 of the eimi range from my rep, but I need an amazing product to assist with curls/waves, with good hold. I'd like to stick with eimi, or just Wella if possible as that's what I retail! Thanks
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    A week of bleach!

    I'm fairly new to Wella colours but I'm obsessed with blondor! Thought I'd share a few colours I've done this week...
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    My new home salon!

    Council approval done, insurance up and running and some very happy clients! It's not quite finished. I have 2 weeks to get new lighting etc
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    Charging for toner between appointments

    Hi all... 2 weeks ago I did the colour below... I saw the lady today and noticed the ends need toning again. I told her this, and her response was 'that's complimentary right as I've been using the shampoo for coloured hair you told me to?' The ends were so porous so I'm not surprised, but I...
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    Wella colour advice

    First up, is there an existing thread to post in for colour advice or am I ok starting a new one? Secondly.... I have a client tomorrow - naturally a level 4 with inch regrowth and 30% grey. Mid lengths are a build up of level 4 tint and the ends are an awful attempt of balyage which is a...
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    My first Wella course!

    ok, I'm just excited! Finally hunted down some wella courses in sleepy Perth! I can't wait! I also have a rep coming over Tuesday to get my account sorted. I'm new to Wella so it's all going to be invaluable. I'm started with a course called portfolio essentials. The are all pricey, but I'm...
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    Special mix and colour ID

    Hi all... I'm slowly getting my head round Wella after what I have used for years stopped producing (PPS). This site is helping so much! I'm really testing my confidence and luckily everything is paying off, but I'm still not really sure about the Wella special mix. Can anyone help with some...
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    CT relights?

    I know we all have our favourite go to toners, but I'm trying to expand my repertoir! (hence my post about toning with kp 12 series!) I obviously usually use colour touch, but I never seem to ever think to use relights range. I have most of them in a box, just sitting there, and I always bypass...
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    I know you're not meant to...

    ... But I toned with KP high lift last night. She was so pleased with the result.
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    Slate grey again

    i know the grey has been discussed time and time again but I haven't the time to read through scenarios, sorry :( I have a strand test of a client who is naturally a 5 and box colours her hair to a 4. I started off kind with blondor and 20 for a good 45 minutes. Only got to an 8 so went for the...
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    Photo attached, pre pigging

    hi all, what pre pig you would recommend? Photo is attached of a new client coming tomorrow, been having a root stretch, naturally base 7, and the ends are previously lightened and porous. She is looking to achieve a natural 6 all over colour, WITH NO WARMTH WHAT SO EVER! (That's how she wrote...