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    New hairstylist in the making

    I took the plunge this year during the summer and got accepted to a local college.. we started online but start in the classroom october 27th my question is what travel bags do you guys use? I was trying find something to being my tools to school and be able to take home so I can go home...
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    Dermalinfusion training anywhere in Canada?

    Hey i am a nail & lash tech but now i am going to be trained in facials in September but i want to go further is dermalinfusion which i am having a hard time in finding any training of that here in canada, wondering how would i search it or no of any companies i could look at here in canada...
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    Eyelash extensions advice

    Ok so this past weekend I did my eyelash extension classic course... I have to do 10 practice models and then my exit exam in october but can continue services.. we went over everything but the one thing we didnt is what steralizing liquid for our tweezers??? Help would be great need to clean...
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    Help, pump dispenser bottles

    so i went to a show last weekend and this one lady had one of those dispense bottle tops into her nsi nailpure plus.. i thought it was the greatest idea... so now i am here trying to find one... but i am only getting the dispenser and bottle when i only need the lid and i want a good lid any...
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    Nail books

    so i decided to get books to have for reference.. i specialize in Gel but plan on doing a course to switch from gel to acrylic (i tried acrylic a while ago and never got the complete hang of liquid powder ratio-but i am determined to get it right) ... the book i have Milady's Art and Science of...
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    so i was on youtube and instagram looking for inspiration and a video came up about POPITS... i know i know this is so 2006ish... but i want to give it a try.. so when i have been contacting a bunch of suppliers i have been ordering from and it seems like they dont sell them here in canada...
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    Quick question

    I have been watching alot of youtube videos on L&P and was wondering if its similar to Gel, where gel you have two types, your sculpture and your none sculpture? i start L&P in september :) using NSI i believe
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    Lifting on one finger

    Last Friday I got to do my first practice set on my mil for free as I am still in training I saw her today and she let me look i noticed one one finger there is what looks to be lifting on side walls (its cloudy looking) what would cause this? I am a little disheartened she told me it was only...
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    Shocked by photos and discouraged

    I joined a Facebook group called **** ***** and feel so discourage they posted an album called **** ***** with some scary pictures of nails, and all I am here thinking is wow I could really do damage to someone's nails. I know I am in training but that's a scary thought! I can't imagine having...
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    Shocked by photos and discouraged

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    Honest opinion - L&P, gel & training

    i live in a small town i am being trained by a nail tech in her salon, in this small town its all about gel nails not much for L&P, she asked me the other day what i thought about doing a course for it, which i would have to be sent away to do, she is the only salon around this area which does...
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    Oily nails?

    so before i left my training today, i was told to go home and research what would you do if a client came in with oily nails, my answer is to do extra prep work with the buffing shine off and use a few extra brushes of bondaid (we use opi there) am i right or is there more to what i should be...
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    OPI Axxium help

    so this week i was able to start practicing with gels and brought it home to practice this weekend, i am having complications, i dont know how to get the right amount it seems like i either have to much or two little and when i hav e two little i tend to add a bit more gel which leads to two...
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    Question about OPI Axium soak off gel

    so i am in week one of my one on one training, i go in Saturdays, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday , and i have been learning about the prepping the nail, and terms so far i have been also doing a lot of research on OPI axxium gel as that is what they use most of the time in the shop! I have a...
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    UV lamp question

    Hey I noticed there were a lot of threads on here about uv lamps and LEDs but I couldn't find an answer that went with my question! As of Friday evening I was talkin to my good friend who's mom has offered to tutor me a little in gel nails and a little i acrylics before I go do a course. Now she...
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    Lamp question

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    Canada-nail help

    Hey i am a newbie, and quite recently have decided to go ahead with going back to school to become a nail technician, i live in a small town in Newfoundland. where there is no courses near by. i was wondering if any of you from Canada can lead me in the direction of a good online course which is...