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    Teething Problems since converting to Creative - advice needed

    Hi everyone, I need some advice please. I have recently converted to creative but have been having a few teething problems. I cannot seem to get the mix ratio correct! I used millennium (sp??) previously which I got used to but I have been completely thrown using the creative products, I just...
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    Help! New Client - MMA

    Hi everyone, I need some advice please. This evening I went to the Newsagents to put a card in the window, the lady in the shop immediatly started asking about nail enhancements. After talking with her for a bit it came to light that her nail enhancements have been done using products with...
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    Bliss for Brides Magazine

    Hi everyone! Me again asking more questions about advertising! Has anyone heard of Bliss for Brides Magazine? I had a phone call last night from a sales rep from this company asking if I wanted to advertise with them. The package they quoted me sounded quite reasonable (certainly cheaper...
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    Yellow Pages yell.com

    Hi everyone, Has anyone placed an advert soley on yell.com and have you found it to be worth while? I enquired about it a while ago, and was quoted £10/12 per month or something like that but decided not to at the time. I have started to think about doing it again, but just thought I would get...
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    Help Removing Gel

    Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone could go through the steps of removing gel with me? I haven't done this for a while and I have a client tomorrow evening who wants her gel enhancements removed so want to make sure I get it right and do a good job. I use millennium gel which is buff off I...
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    Charging Friends

    I just wondered what everyone's opinions were on charging friends for treatments? I have a friend that I have always used to practice on when I first started doing nails. I have always rebalanced and decorated them for free as I always thought that it was benefitting me so I didn't mind. But I...
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    Which System?

    Hi everyone, Just wondered if I could have your advice on which system you first offer your clients when they come in for nail enhancements and have never had them before? I do gel, l&p and fibreglass and when I have a new client for enhancements I never really know which system to offer them...
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    Advice or Reassurance Needed!

    Hi everyone, I did a set of gel nails on a client last Wednesday. On the Saturday she phoned to say that she had a 'disagreement' with one of them and the thumb nail (enhancement) had comepletly come off and on the Sunday she said that the one on her little finger had come off. I had her back...
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    Nail Art Blues

    Hi everyone, My confidence when it comes to Nail Art has been taking a hit just lately! I see all these lovely designs in magazines and I just want to be able to do designs like those! I think my problem is that I am not a 'natural artist'. I don't have an artistic flare, it tends to be pot...
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    Cleaning Brushes after L & P???

    Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone could give me some advice on cleaning my brush after using L & P? The other evening after finishing with my client I cleaned the brush in monomer (as I was told in my training) and thought it was nice and clean. When I got it out yesterday it had hardened and...
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    Info on Creative Conversion Course

    Hi all, Does anyone have any information on where I can do a creative conversion course and roughly how much it costs? Also how much prior experience do you need to do the course? I have been qualified for a year but really want to learn the creative techniques and products as at the moment I...
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    Fingers and Toes!

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me! I am doing my NVQ in manicure/pedicure at the moment and one of the questions on my paper is 'what grows quicker, finger nails or toe nails?' I haven't got a clue and cannot find the answer anywhere! Is it a trick question or does one actually grow quicker...
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    Help Please! What to do with nail biters!

    Hi everyone, I wondered if anyone had any advice of the best way of dealing with nail biters or people with very short nails who want an artificial nail enhancement. I have heard of people talking of a 'bridging effect' but I have not been in this business for very long and am not quite sure...