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    Clear tips BIAB

    Do tips need to be clear with TGB BIAB nail enhancements my last 2 clients have lost nails, im currently using the cloudy blending type of tip?
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    Acid exfoliator

    Hello i used to use a Dermaligica exfoliator called Accelerator something🤔 It was great for those with mature damage skin. Can anyone reccommend a liquid exfoliator thats great for mature skin to give it a good and proper exfoliation and glow for the skin. Thankyou
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    Drill bits?

    Do all drill bits fit E files...im doing an E file coarse with the gel bottle drill, and need to get drill bits for it
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    BIAB pricing

    Hello i live in the lake district and would like some idea of pricing the following.. TGB Biab natural nail overlays TGB Biab with tips TGB Biab infills thankyou
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    Advertising on my house?

    Hello, so i work from my home, and was thinking of the idea of putting, either a poster size advert on my detatched home to advertise to those passing by, or an A board on my drive. Has anyone done this? And is their anything legal that i need to check 1st, besides my neighbours [emoji4]
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    Returning clients

    Hello everyone. Is anyone else having to put offers on to get clients back?. Im finding im way quieter than what i was before lockdown. Has anyone done offers thats worked out successful?
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    Waxing and Covid

    Hello, im getting mixed reports, can ALL waxing treatments and facials go ahead on monday 13th?
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    Treatments that can’t be done after lockdown?

    Hello all...i just want to be 100% in this. So im a beauty therapist who works on my own from my conservartory, am i right in thinking that when we hope to re open around july 4th, treatments such as ....lip wax, chin wax, facials, can not go ahead ...am i right in this and am i missing any...
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    Price idea?

    Hello can you please give me an idea on how much to charge for a goody bag for the following, as my clients are wanting a home TLC kit for their nails.... A nail harmony file Wooden cuticle pusher Bottle of Non acetone 30g jar of organic hand balm 10ml organic cuticle oil Nail harmony nail...
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    Still working?

    Hello, to all those who work from home, have you all stopped working with the Corona virus?
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    Soak feet on bed?

    Anyone here tried soaking the feet on the beauty bed with a under knee suppory...does it work?
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    Petrol charge

    Got a 20min drive to a customer who s wanting lashlift and tint with a free eye brow shape and tint (thats my current offer) To be exact its 13miles from my house Im doing this 1st time client a favour as she cant get to me, and i dont work mobile. I ve no idea what to charge for the petrol and...
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    Lash lift not as good as pics I’ve seen

    Hello...im not 100% my lash lifts are as good as they should be...could i have some honest oppinions please...using Lashus
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    Vietnam frizzy hair

    Hello could someone reccommend a product to stop my hair from frizzing and to define my curls in humid vietnam please...im wanting beachy surfy curls if that males sense...what would work best ?
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    What would you do?

    1 week ago i pulled back my nail extension creating a crazy ammount of pain...removing the tip i noticed that slowly the nail is coming away from the nail bed starting at the free edge, the nail bed is very sore...im off to Vietnam nx week and i dont want it to get infected...i dont know whats...
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    Minx nail charges

    Hello...is anyone out there doing Minx nails or anything like it. If so how much do you charge for toes and hands please...i feel i need to add some new treatments to my price list
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    Best blendable tips?

    Im using salon system ultraform tips for acrylic dip but they are quite soft, do you know of any really strong blendable tips for for my nails extensions please
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    Lashus step by step

    Hello I trained in lash lift a year or so ago. Ive heard great reports on Lashus. My kit comes tommorrow but for those already using lashus, what is the step by step procedure please and can you seal the foil packets for a following customer Thankyou
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    Removing lash rods

    Ive started to use salon system curling rods for my lash lift, the effect is good but removing the rods after tinting is quite uncomfortable for the client as i struggle getting the lashes off the rod....ant tips please?
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    Help, Gelish dip base out of stock

    Hello, so Nail Harmony is out of stock of gelish dip base, can someone please help me with an alternative otherwise I could lose a client over this.