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  1. cheekychick

    Home salon open evening, is it possible?

    Hi, Long story short I moved from one area to another just over a year ago. I had a successful mobile business which I've had to leave behind due to my husband & I buying our first home together. In my new property I have a purpose built summer house which I now work from. It's a fair size...
  2. cheekychick

    VTCT level 2 make up courses-Essex?

    Hi, I'm trying to find a vtct course in Essex for make up. I'm already trained and am still practicing but the qualifications I have and classes I've taken aren't recognised by certain brands which means I'm unable to get a pro card its so annoying and I'm spending a fortune at the moment so the...
  3. cheekychick

    MUAs, when did you feel confident enough?

    Sorry this is a long one, I apologise in advance. I've been trained in make up for nearly 2 years (Vtct) I've also attended classes with various other companies (illamasqua, local make up artists, sue moxley, Essex make up & hair academy, Essex beauty school) to try and learn as much as I...
  4. cheekychick

    Matching client's foundation

    Hi, sorry if it's long. This is really getting me down. I'm pretty new to the make up world (just under 2 years) I've done various courses and learnt a lot although I know we are always learning & improving. I've worked on a few clients, mainly friends and family. But I'm really struggling...
  5. cheekychick

    Make up forever HD foundation shade help?

    Hi, Does anyone use this foundation? Either on themselves or in their make up kit. I'm looking at trying it on myself then possibly adding to my kit as I've heard great things about it BUT The shades are so confusing! Is it just me? What shades do you have in your kit? How do you find it...
  6. cheekychick

    First wedding make up trial

    Hi, It's going to be my first make up trial on Saturday and I am so worried I'm going to do something wrong. I felt I needed to throw myself on at the deep end so to speak and now I'm regretting it a little as I'm so nervous. Does anyone have any tips on how to make it run smoothly, to make...
  7. cheekychick

    Illamsqua skin base

    Ive been testing skin base out for a while now and love it. Just wondering which shades to buy first. What would you recommend? Thanks Sam :) X
  8. cheekychick


    Hi, Sorry it's a little long! I've been having regular facials in the lead up to my wedding next month to attempt to get my skin at its best which is proving difficult :( In my day job I work in a warehouse which is absolutely freezing so all the goodness I'm putting into my skin is...
  9. cheekychick

    House of Glam Dolls make up training?

    Hi, has anyone trained in make up with house of glam dolls? I've followed them on Instagram for a while but before I book the course is like to know if it's worth it. I've already done a little one day course which taught me basics but that's it really. I'd like some more in depth education...
  10. cheekychick

    Strip lash glue

    Hi geeks, Just wondering what strip lash glue you all find is best to use? I'm trained in lashes and offer SP, express and clusters but I never really had call for strip lashes until recently training in make up- thinking from clients point of view easier to remove themselves etc. Just worried...
  11. cheekychick

    Must haves-make up kit-please add yours

    Hi, I've searched on here and there are a couple of old threads but I thought id start a new one (hope that's okay) I've recently qualified in make up, still have a long way to go yet but I was wondering: What products can't you live without/ what do you use the most? Also any tips that...
  12. cheekychick

    Waxing-rubbish results

    I've been persevering with waxing my legs for the past 5 months. And I'm so disappointed. I've tried 3 different salons and every time i get home and notice not a few but literally loads of hair that has been missed (so I need to use wax strips to get rid of the rest myself) Is that normal? Am...
  13. cheekychick

    Wedding make up

    Hi, Popping over from nails. I'm getting married in April 2015 and am looking into make up & hair etc. are their any MUA geeks in essex? I've been looking on Facebook but I can't seem to find anyone local to me. :( If anyone can help that would be fab. X
  14. cheekychick

    I can't add pics?

    Hi, Every time I try to add a pic to a thread I keep getting a message pop up saying 'system message- this is not a valid image file' I haven't changed anything and I've never had a problem before. Does anyone know what's going on or how I can fix it? Sam x
  15. cheekychick

    So I'm kind of getting married! Tips or ideas welcome

    Long story short we were hoping to buy a house this year. But I saw a fab groupon last night and my partner of 10 years and I decided what the heck now or probably never as we probably would never be able to afford it otherwise so we bought it. It includes venue hire for day and evening...
  16. cheekychick

    Nail polish case

    I'm looking for a clear case that will fit gelish. I've seen a few geeks in here have them. (The ones where each bottle fits into each individual slot.) Can someone please link me to where they bought theirs. Xx
  17. cheekychick

    Which kind of facial?

    Hi, I'm a nail geek, but I trained in basic facials on my beauty course over 3 years ago. But my passion was with nails so I ventured into that and haven't bothered with facials since. I'm hoping for some help as to which facial to go for. My t zone is really dry & a bit flaky but lately I've...
  18. cheekychick

    Embossed nails with Gelish?

    Hi, A fellow geek explained how to do embossed nails to me in shellac. (Can't remember who it was sorry) I tried the same method with gelish but it didn't work at all :( Has anyone successful done it in gelish? Any tips would be fantastic. Sam x
  19. cheekychick

    Nail tech/eyelash extension tech in Waltham Abbey?

    I have a lady in Waltham Abbey who needs nails done & eyelash infills next week. Is anyone near there who can do them? If so pm me please. Xx
  20. cheekychick

    Hilton Hotel, Docklands London, anyone been?

    Hi, I've booked a secret location in London on late rooms for mine & my partners 10 year anniversary. But it's in rotherhithe street (the opposite side of the river to where I wanted to be! Lol) Has anyone been before or know what is near it pub & restaurant wise? I've googled loads but can't...