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  1. cheekychick

    Gelish colours

    Have you tried giving them a stir with an orange stick\tool? Sometimes the pigmants can settle at the bottom of the bottles if they have been sitting for a while x
  2. cheekychick

    Builder gel removal, what am I doing wrong?

    I second this [emoji1362]
  3. cheekychick

    Gelish problems

    You are able to put structure gel over colour. It's applied after foundation for ridges/imperfections or applied after colour before topcoat for added strength. But to be honest it isn't needed for all clients. It's just a waste of product. Chipping could be down to many things, being applied...
  4. cheekychick

    New bottles of Gelish and brush are messed up?

    If they are new though return them to sallys. They have a tenancy to not store their stock correctly [emoji35] x
  5. cheekychick

    New bottles of Gelish and brush are messed up?

    If there's cured product in the bottom of the bottle it will happen with every replacement brush you put in. Get an orange wood stick and see if you can feel a lump at the bottom of the bottle. If not then your brush could be too long for the small bottle x
  6. cheekychick

    Fine nail art brushes

    I just separate the bristles and trim them at the neck of the brush to create my desired thickness. If that even makes sense [emoji1]
  7. cheekychick

    Fine nail art brushes

    I have various striper brushes from nail harmony, cnd, crystal nails and some from art shops. But I trim mine to make them even thinner x
  8. cheekychick

    Which training courses are the best?

    If I were you I'd Avoid next step beauty at all costs. Have you looked into specific brand training? Like nail harmony, cnd etc? x
  9. cheekychick

    Premier Gel

    I cure Premier gel for 60 seconds in the sun uv lamp and have never had an issue but could your coats be a little too thick? Maybe causing the gel not to cure correctly? x
  10. cheekychick

    Gelish Polygel

    Information came directly from nail harmony [emoji1360]
  11. cheekychick

    PolyGel troubleshooting

    Ph bond is applied to the natural nail before foundation x
  12. cheekychick

    Gelish Polygel

    If your lamp is plugged into an extension lead basically it isn’t as powerful as it would be if it were plugged directly into the wall socket x
  13. cheekychick

    Up to date foundation for brides

    From their website: Nourishing moisturiser. For all skin types. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré is a rich moisturising lotion. A creamy lotion that is really three products in one: the make-up artists use it as a primer, moisturiser, and make-up remover. It also reduces irritation after...
  14. cheekychick

    Up to date foundation for brides

    You can also use a thick layer as a face mask if your clients need a little extra help, it’s a dream to work with. I recommend it to everyone. x
  15. cheekychick

    Up to date foundation for brides

    I love embryolisse moisturiser under rcma. It’s like a facial in a tube. Perfect for dry skins. x
  16. cheekychick

    Offering makeup as a service but not bridal?

    I only offer bridal for people I know now, As I don’t enjoy it and honestly can’t be bothered with bridezillas [emoji23] Most of my make ups are now special occasions/party make ups or 1 to 1s for salon retail.
  17. cheekychick

    Gelish help

    18g, 5-45 etc? What are your curing times? Could be caused by a number of things, Under curing, foundation applied too thick, colour applied too thick, clients being too heavy handed, prep not thorough enough, hand placement in your lamp. x
  18. cheekychick

    Gelish help

    What lamp are you using? x
  19. cheekychick

    Making chrome last?

    Gelish foundation & top it off x
  20. cheekychick

    Making chrome last?

    I do base & then topcoat on top, never had a chip