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  1. beautyseeker

    Australian Fires

    I would just like to say to all the Australian geeks that I am thinking of you at this horrible time and I hope that things improve quickly and the fires are brought under control. I was horrified to hear that some of the fires were started and re-started deliberately and I can only hope that...
  2. beautyseeker

    I'm so excited

    Sorry if this should be somewhere else, but it is Nails related, but I just had to let all the nail geeks know I start my Young Nails Training with Tracey on Sunday and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited :). Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. beautyseeker

    I'm so excited

  4. beautyseeker

    Scottish geeks - I Need My Nails Done

    Ok are there any nail tech geeks around who live near me. I'm not far from Dunfermline and Edinburgh and am willing to travel - need them done before the end of the month (before next friday) for my hols. Would rather give the business to a fellow geek than to someone else. So come on...
  5. beautyseeker

    Perms - Ashes to Ashes

    She so has my hair in the 80's - I want it back I had better clothes though. :)
  6. beautyseeker

    Sport Relief - Daren Gough

    He's been tangoed - me and Lorna just fell about the room laughing OMG!!!:lol::lol::lol::lol:
  7. beautyseeker

    Parent/Teacher Inverviews - I feel sick

    Ok now I know its going to be OK, BUT I FEEL SICK. Her report has been great, so good her dad has said she can finaly have a TV in her bedroom, she will be 14 in April but I dont think kids should have them in their rooms, that prob. just me. So I know they are going to say lovely things...
  8. beautyseeker

    I wish my child was this grateful!

    You have to watch this little boy he is so cute. Go to I Am Bored - Sites for when you're bored. click on popular and go down to "Not All Kids Are Bratty Douchebags" The site does have some naughty stuff on it so dont let your kids surf it.
  9. beautyseeker

    Leap Year - Anyone Popping The Question?

    OK so its leap year and in few days time it is traditional for girls to ask their guys the big question? Anyone going to? I asked my hubs out on our first date on Feb 29 - I was verrrrrry drunk at the time! I had to be or I would not have worked up the nerve. :hug:
  10. beautyseeker

    Scottish Hair/Nails/Beauty Show - Edinburgh

    Any Scottish Geeks going to this show this year. I know its not been that great recently, but perhaps us Geeks could meet up? What do you think?
  11. beautyseeker

    Surprise Holiday To Italy

    My lovely hubs has booked us a week in Lake Maggiore :) (unfortunately the child is comming to). I was wondering if anyone has been there and if they can recommend a good guide book, or if there is anything we should not miss when we are there? Thanks :hug:
  12. beautyseeker

    15 Cert. and being 13

    Should I allow my 13 year old daughter to go to see Cloverfield which is a 15 cert.? I am not keen but her friends have all been to 15 cert. films and she has not as yet. She has seen them on TV at her friends houses, nothing I can do about that, but I am of the opinion that a 15 cert. is...
  13. beautyseeker

    Essential Nail Course

    Have looked at past threads and everyone seems pretty positive about Essential Nail Courses. It is something I have been thinking about for a long time now as it is quite expensive. The thing is which one to go for, gell or acrylic? They say that gell is easiest to learn and a good starting...
  14. beautyseeker

    sun-bed danger

    Just watching "this morning" am horrified at the woman who has skin cancer because of sun beds. Trish
  15. beautyseeker


    My daughter's music teacher's flat mate has Rubella:eek:, only a mild case apparently but she had to cancell all music lessons this week. She made him go to the doc on Monday as he was coughing all weekend and a bit of a rash on his tum. Doc told him to say in house and away from pregnant...
  16. beautyseeker

    I just fell down the stairs, boo hoo.

    Old old story, old slippy slippers & not looking where I am going, slid down on my bum and whacked my right wrist off the banisters. Got a huge bruise up my arm. I have had to cancell my waxinig client for today coz I cant grip. Its sore wail boo hoo. :cry::cry: Trish
  17. beautyseeker

    Do I Really Need to Spend £170 on Pink GHD's?

    My 13 year old wants Pink GHD's for christmas, the ones in the fancy box with the disk, case and two hair-clips. They seem very expensive to me - are they worth the money. I have seen the gold 2007 set which has a case, purse, mirror and mini-products for about £135 and this seems far...
  18. beautyseeker

    Yipee - I Got Clients Woo Hoo

    My FIRST two clients. :D I went to a Virgin Vie Party last night and the hostess mentioned that I was a mobile beauty therapist, I just happened to have some brochures on me so handed them around. I got two phone calls today, one for an eyebrow wax tomorrow and one aromatherapy massage on...
  19. beautyseeker

    Which GHD's To Get?

    My daughter is looking for GHD's for christmas & I dont know which ones to get, her hair length is just below her shoulders and layered can anyone help. I have seen different widths etc and as a skin geek would like a professional to help. Thanks. :hug:
  20. beautyseeker

    Customer Service, or lack thereof!

    Friend of mine who currently uses Dermalogica in her salon is thinking of moving over to Collin. She still likes Dermalogica but their customer service has been terrible so is thinking of changing. I am sure someone out there in the Wonderful World of Geek :cool: uses Collin and would know...