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  1. scattyfox

    Stock needed

    So some people are having a problem getting hold of stock so if that applies to you then please feel free to put a note on here an maybe another geek can help you. I for one have lots of stock but having OCD i tend to go overboard. the only things i cant supply are retention and scrubfresh but...
  2. scattyfox

    Therapy 2000 couches

    Just wondering if anyone has a Durham Deluxe beauty couch by therapy 2000. I know at 18kg its fairly heavy but hoping that it will take them heavier gentlemen that need waxing at some point. Has anyone had a therapy 2000 couch at all and how did you find it. thanke in advance.
  3. scattyfox

    Candle Party Organiser Essex

    Does anyone know of anyone who organises candle parties in the essex area? There is a ladies night that Im participating in and they are rdesperate for a candle person. If you have any info please pm me thank you
  4. scattyfox

    Natural nail Winners Gmex 2006

    Here's a picture of my nails that i got 1st place in division 3 Natural Nail category at Gmex with this weekend. lucky i took a photo before hand of them as we took the polish off and cut them back so they were prepped ready for Liza on monday. Fiona thank you for your help with getting this...
  5. scattyfox

    GMEX Results 2006 monday

    Liza Smith won sculpting Div 3 Excellent babe so very well done x Think Lisa must be a lucky model two firsts in two days
  6. scattyfox

    What do you want from your nail magazine?

    I have noticed recently that my trade magazines are getting more and more articles on beauty. Nothing against beauty therapists but IMO i want just nails from a nail magazine or nails orientated articles, i don't want to read about make-up and sunbeds if i did i would buy a beauty trade mag...
  7. scattyfox

    Wanted Technician near Horncastle in lincolnshire

    met a lady today who has very traumed nails from over filing by a previous technician, they really need an overlay on them while the damage grows out, if anyone lives in or near horncastle in lincolnshre or does mobile in that neck of the woods please pm me and i will give you the clients...
  8. scattyfox

    Wanted Natural Nail model Gmex

    Can someone help me please, sadly i cannot use my usual model or even my back up for gmex due to circumstance and am in desparate need for a natural nail model for the GMEX competition on the 15th October. you need to be available on saturday the 14th for a practise sesssion and on the...
  9. scattyfox

    Happy Birthday Liza

    Happy Birthday Liza hope you have a wonderful day hun x
  10. scattyfox

    Flaking Toenail Corners advice please

    I did a young girls feet on friday and when i went to shape her toenails the file kept leaping away from them, the reason was the corners were totally flaky. It wasnt just one either it was all of them, it was like the strength was in the nail but the corners had none what so ever. When i...
  11. scattyfox

    What application were you taught first

    Following on from another thread, i was just wondering what application were you taught with your initial training. Do most companies teach one colour application then move on to pink and white or did they teach you pink and white straight off. I'll be interested to see what the outcome...
  12. scattyfox

    Mobile Technician distance

    As a mobile technician how far do you travel from your home? Are you happy to go 60 miles out of town or do you keep within a circuit near to home? Cuticles girls how far do you travel? And do you charge extra for long distances?
  13. scattyfox

    Happy Birthday Sparklepink.

    Happy Birthday Jess hope you have a wonderful day babe. mwah xxx
  14. scattyfox

    Spa Master

    YEHHHH!!!! I Passed my Spa Masters and got a brilliant 92% in my theory exam(and i spelt it all correct lol). Amanada gave me some excellent comments for me to be able to work even better and be an A1 Manicurist. Was so convinced i had failed and am leaping around the room in my nightie...
  15. scattyfox

    Polish melting on application

    Thought i would post a thread to see if there is any way around this. when doing my masters on tuesday it was the hottest day so far and although i had kept my polish cool until application. when i started to apply it , it literally melted before my eyes. I used nail fresh to smooth it...
  16. scattyfox

    My new website

    Sorry moderators couldnt find a section to put this in so feel free to move it. Just to let you know after months of work and waiting for my new domain name that my website is up and running. www.spanails.eu feel free to send me any comments but will just state that the special offers page...
  17. scattyfox

    Hand & Foot massage techniques

    With practising for my masters in manicure and pedicure i have played around with lots of different techniques when carrying out manicures and pedicures. I have been given different information from different companies and wondered if they were all right or if everyone differs within their...
  18. scattyfox

    Model needed on 18th July Oxford for Creative Spa Masters

    Hello everyone i need a model for the tue 18th july for my spa masters manicure and pedicure class. If anyone can help me could they please pm me. Please bear with me as i have limited email access but will get back to youa s soon as i can. thank in advance lucia
  19. scattyfox

    How do you keep wax pot clean?

    how do you all keep your wax pots clean, we ahve just taken the pot out of the unit and all wax has dripped inside and we are ahving a nightmare cleaning it. So is there a method for keeping it clean and also do you get crystalisation in your wax if it has been heated too often? thanks for...