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    MTD - everyone ready?

    Hi I asked on here back in August thread = Making Tax Digital, I was surprised by the lack of query and questions from salons as to what it is and when and so forth, given that when I found out about it I was quite alarmed. It may be many are not VAT registered which is fine, but anyone else...
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    Making tax digital?

    Hi anyone got info on Making Tax Digital which is due 2019/20 . As far as I can see this means VAT returns would be completed electronically via some software straight from the business system (e.g. sage or whatever) or possibly from a smart pc based till boking system. Maybe its like when you...
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    How many of you are ready for the new data protection laws?

    Another thing to add is that many of our recipients have joined the mail list via our website where it asks them for name and email and subscribe so they have I suppose given their agreement to be contacted. CJ btw article in mSM Money about this claimed that all these emails needing urgent...
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    How many of you are ready for the new data protection laws?

    That's comforting to hear. Additionally the email contact systems always now have a unsubscribe button, when that's used we get an email to say X has unsubscribed. We cant resurrect that email - its permanently blocked by IContact/Mail Chimp. So we cant accidently start sending stuff again. The...
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    How many of you are ready for the new data protection laws?

    Back on this topic again I'm afraid. For marketing emails, If you've a proprietary booking system that has a tick box "no email" and the client consultation card (which we always use) quite specifically asks do you want to receive email - Yes or No? Do we need to ask every one of them again...
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    How many of you are ready for the new data protection laws?

    Hi, Thanks that's a useful summary and somewhere to start ticking things off from. Some are common sense really that should done anyway. So in some cases it may only be formalising what's good paractice already being done. Thanks
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    How many of you are ready for the new data protection laws?

    Hi, safeguarding the clients details from employees who might use them is a wise precaution in any case. Thanks
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    How many of you are ready for the new data protection laws?

    Hi all, Is the first thing to do - simply ask whoever provides your software / booking / till system is it going to be compliant. Or Is it more about what you put in to the system. Realistically what does a salon with 2 or 3 staff, or a single self employed technician do. It cant be realistic to...
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    Hi, we don't use these services. Not just because for the fee - your filling up the salon but at little profit. The main reason is because it doesn't promote a log term customer base unless as pointed out above the client always then books directly. Problem is customers who use this will often...
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    Which types of social media do you use?

    We just use the usual Facebook and twitter. The main problem seems to be in getting new people to follow you on twitter. For Facebook its getting more friends and despite posts that are liked the over like count doesn't seem to go up. Anyone know why that is? Nails are great - keep posting the...
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    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    Hi, So how do you know if you're compliant or not? Our consultation form has a yes no for email promotions marketing and we only send to those who tick yes - that's fair enough. What about the till/booking system that sends out the text reminder? Is it the system that has to be compliant, or...
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    Renting a chair?

    Hi Sorry to bring this up again, I'm still confused about what the basic rental is for a beauty room. Is it a flat rental per week or month or Is it a % split say 60/40 which I've seen mentioned For simplicity I'd prefer a straight rental for an equipped room with everything except products. I...
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    Renting a chair?

    Hi all, So just to clarify from above and see if applies to a beautician as well. A daily rental might be equally to a mid priced treatment, such as a bikini waxing or luxury mani/pedi? So get that one treatment in and you've covered the daily rental. Would you have a % on top of that and what...
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    Room/chair rent - keeping customers separate

    Hi Thanks that's useful I've seen the convents used for not setting up own business right next ddor to your salon but hadn't considered it for this. Thanks CJ
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    Where to advertise room and nail stations for rent

    Just to follow on I've seen a few advertised in these threads - is that OK or acceptable usage policy. Thanks in advance
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    Where to advertise room and nail stations for rent

    Hi following on from the previous thread what's the best way to advertise a therapy room or a nail station for rental. After many years in business we've never done this - so feel out of touch with networks. I've only seen one salon supplier with a notice board. Does Gumtree do it all? Looking...
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    Room/chair rent - keeping customers separate

    Hi all, I've been reading up on the basics of renting out a nail station and a room and appreciate the need for written terms between both sides. This would be within an existing beauty salon. Any suggestions on keeping the customer base separate? They'd run their own customers in the main, but...
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    Sending out emails

    Hi First post so here goes. Used to do the outlook but that's not the proper way to do it. We used mail chimp for a while. They were fine the jokey appearance can be a little off putting sometimes. Currently using Icontact which is really good. The only reason switched was because of accidently...