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  1. estherlou


    Hi all! I was wondering could anyone shed some light on this treatment for me, a client of mine has been having very regular and very expensive treatments for hair removal in this way, i thought maybe she was mistaken and she meant electrolysis but she gave me the leaflet she had from the salon...
  2. estherlou

    Eve Taylor, enzyme peel and oatmeal mask

    hello geeks, hope you are all well, haven't been on for ages!:) just a quick question for all you eve taylor geeks has anyone tried the new masks and if so how are you getting on/ are you using them within your current facial or as stand alone, thinking of adding them but thoughts some user...
  3. estherlou

    permanant make-up needed south coast

    Hello! I have a lovely lovely client with a real lack of eyebrow hair, i have tinted and trained them as best i can but can only work with what she has. She has decided to forgo the new cooker she needs to get some fab brows instead. This lovely lady has given me the task of helping her find...
  4. estherlou

    soak off method...again sorry

    ok, i'm using the cotton pads and foil method so much better but was wondering, as heat speeds it up, could i then wrap hands in liner and put in heated mitts? i guess in theory this should work well but thought i should check. thought it would make a much nicer treatment too. any thoughts...
  5. estherlou

    Soaking off method

    Hello all, I have a couple of soak off this week, up till now I have been soaking nails in little bowls with acetone, it takes ages, it smells and seems very wasteful.:rolleyes:. I've heard a couple of you mention about using foil and wrapping the fingers, do you use cotton pad soaked, is that...
  6. estherlou

    Fab new buffer!

    had a trip to capital today and picked up a mega bargain, 'the edge' super shiner buffer for 80p!, my nails are looking sooo shiny, definately the best buffer i've had, thought i'd share:green: xx
  7. estherlou

    Liquid additive?

    Hello i currently use youngs products and i have just come across something unusual, its a youngs product but not on there website, its an additive which you add to your decanted liquid:eek: i've never heard of this can anyone shed some light, there seem to be lots of different colours...
  8. estherlou

    beautician needed who works mobile (south coast)

    Hello, i've decided to treat myself to some treatments but don't have the time to get to anyone, with work and school runs i'm not free til the evening. looking for a mobile therapist for waxing (should do myself but i'm a wimp:rolleyes:) and possibly massage would like to treat hubby to a...
  9. estherlou

    Workout dvd's

    Tis the season to eat too much chocolate fa la la la la..... I know i've overdone it, 5 pounds overdone it and i wasn't small to start with so i thought i'd head out to do my yearly workout dvd shop, thought i'd give you a quick review *'Dance it off' with Vicky binns- (that one off corrie)-...
  10. estherlou

    Nails at work

    Hello, firstly hope all had a great christmas, just have a query for all of you who are techs who are also therapists. -how do you wear your nails for work, i do alot of treatments that are non nail based, i.e facials some massage etc... length wise i can shorten my enhancements no problem, i...
  11. estherlou

    Collagen Eye Treatment - Eve Taylor

    Hello all, i'm planning to send out a new year new you offer to clients, i use the eve taylor range for skincare and would like to add the new eye and lip masks to my treatment list. problem is i haven't offered a stand alone eye or lip treatment before, would love any ideas on routine for this...
  12. estherlou

    no more cheques! need a cheap card set up

    I currently don't take cards in the salon, and the girls in the hairdressers that i rent from don't either, problem is people just don't walk with cash these days and i have to say i'm getting fed up of cheques, i do have a day off in the week but have three kids to contend with so don't brave...
  13. estherlou

    Do some clients find enhancements painful?

    Hello:) had a client in for a full set on friday, they were sculpted but still kept at a short length, l+p with a gel top coat. they looked fine and client was happy with them. had a call today asking if she could have them soaked off, i said of course but asked her what had made her come to...
  14. estherlou

    Music in Salons? license needed??

    I play relaxing cds in salon, i buy them locally, i got a call the other day demanding i pay £80 as i was illegally playing music without the express permission of the performer, (in my case mainly the sea as i use alot of wave sounds:lol:) joking aside, the person was so rude i told them where...
  15. estherlou

    new client advice

    hello , as i've said in previoous threads i'm fairly new to nails and just wanted a bit of advice, i have a client in tommorrow, she had her nails done about 5 weeks ago at a salon which has not the best of reputations, for filing and cheapest, you know the sort,:eek: anyway i saw her 3 weeks...
  16. estherlou

    being brave...go easy on me

    Have been a nail geek for a little while now but haven't been brave enough to post any of my work, so here goes.:eek: estherlea/glitter french - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting go easy on me, sorry to post here but can't get it onto the gallery bit, would love some feedback...
  17. estherlou

    to sculpt or to tip

    i'm a newly trained nail geek, currently in practice mode waiting for my assessment, i'm using acrygel and love it!:green: i've had a string of willing guinea pigs into the salon so i can practice. today i had two friends in who have previously been nail bitters, have kicked the habit so both...
  18. estherlou

    ayurvedic massage

    Just wondering do any of you use ayurvedic face neck and scalp massage as a stand alone treatment or do you just use it as part of a facial?
  19. estherlou

    Very curved toenails?!

    My dear old dad decided to go to the chiropodists to get a corn removed, no problem there, he has difficulty understanding what i do and was really pleased that he had not only had his corn removed but also had his nails cut filed and cleaned for.....£20:eek: I said why did he have that done...
  20. estherlou

    spf moisturiser for men

    Hello:green: I use Eve Taylor for myself (solar shield) but hubby has declared it too girly, can anyone recommend a good spf moisturiser specifically for men, has to be very light as he hates the feel of cream on his face but needs to be at least spf15, thanks xxx