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    Please don't take consultation for granted

    So I went to a salon and I don't think the fact that I am a trained stylist is impacting my opinion. I know my hair is damaged due to coming from black to blond. Now I was willing to lose 4-5 inches because I understand it's better to have healthy hair then long and matted hair. The conversation...
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    Double processing bleach

    I'm not really confident on double processing bleach and thought I would open up a discussion. I would love to hear your experiences to see different techniques out there and to help me boost my confidence with it. I never really learned about that in my apprenticeship. So I want to do some self...
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    Starting beauty school

    I am going to be getting my diploma in beauty therapy. I am trying to decide on 2 schools. One I have to move interstate to and don't know too much however my boyfriend is moving there. That state has an industry shortage so there is actually a lot of work there. And course costs are cheaper at...
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    I want to rant

    So I went and got my hair cut at a hair school. Honestly I've been ill so I don't really care if a mistake or 2 is made. That's to be expected as students are learning. And I am aware that students are all at different paces. My problem is not with the student at all but the teacher. Now the...
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    Colour formulas that seem impossible to achieve

    My client wants her hair to have some blues, greens and violets. This is one of the images sent to me. Seeing it in person she has a band of violet underneath (she has been using brite organix). Now I can certainly work with that (not the worst colour correction I've had to be part of), However...
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    Charging family and friends

    I'm wanting to start charging family and friends especially since I've had the flu and they have come to my place demanding I do severe colour corrections for free with my own products. How would you word it? I feel like there will be bite back.
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    I'm looking into a colour line called Farmavita. Has anyone used it? It just seems too good to be true price wise. So I was hoping to hear other peoples experiences.
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    Adore hair colour

    Do you guys know much about this line? It looks interesting and seems to be cost friendly
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    My sister rocked up for me to do her hair

    I won't go into too much of the trauma of the night. but; - I wasn't allowed to bleach (she had bleached at home from a dark red and some of her ends were orange) - Gave me limited products to use - She yelled at me for putting in too much green as I was applying and told me there needs to be...
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    Creating a portfolio?

    Does anyone have a physical portfolio that they take into salons to illustrate their work? I was thinking about creating one but I'm not exactly sure what to put in it or even how to put it together. Do you guys have any examples?
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    This is well known in Australia

    Oh dear https://www.areanews.com.au/news/local-news/5387554/mystery-man-phones-hairdressers-australia-wide-with-odd-request/
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    So happening in Sydney right now

    Barber says "I'm not qualified to do womens cuts" Women says "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" coz of feminisms The barber is now currently being sued for sexism. https://www.9news.com.au/national/2018/04/09/12/14/hunters-hill-sydney-barber-facing-hreoc-haircut-dispute?ocid=Social-9News
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    Hair fallout

    If someone is under investigation for a heart condition is it normal to get hair fallout on one side of the head? The hair appears to be half the thinckness then it was before but the thinning appears to be more severe on one side of the head. The person is female by the way.
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    A question about permanent colour

    As I am still learning and school is closed till the 22nd of January. How much lifts does permanent colour give virgin hair? Is it based of your developer system
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    Eyebrow threading hurt way more then normal

    So I get my brows threaded and pluck in between. Today when I got then threaded it hurt twice the amount more then normal. My eyes were watering and everything and usually I only felt a prick. It's also warm today. So I don't think its the temperature (I heard eyebrows hurt more when it was...
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    Direct dye fading too quick

    My client was 75% grey and virgin hair. We on scalp bleached her hair with 20vol and the result was fairly even. We didn't leave it on for too long. More to break base and clean up any darker parts. Her natural hair is a level 8. I applied a smokey blue to her roots and stretched it out to a...
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    I want to say something

    My teachers and boss (well ex boss as I have moved to a salon that is eco friendly and fair trade) are fairly impressed with my colour knowledge and I have this site to thank. Obviously I'm still learning (as I am an apprentice) but I feel that this is important to say. Thank you so much for...
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    Is it as good as guy tang makes it sound?
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    hey guys I got a new job at the most wonderful salon. They are Aveda and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the colour system so I can get a head start there. The are getting me in for massage, shampoo and desk training and then I start fully next year so I just figured it would be good...
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    Client level 4-10

    I have a client who consistantly comes in. She wants to light. Her base is a 4 and she wants to be a 10, not to gold but not to ash. Just a nice blonde. We've been using muk 1121 highlift and I have only been able to get it to a level 8. Her hair is quite dry naturally. She wants to be as...