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  1. Beautilicious2Oz

    L&p training near northants

    Hi, I am looking for a Nail tech course in or near Northampton area and am really struggling using Google. Can anyone recommend somewhere?? Thanks
  2. Beautilicious2Oz

    Is a Minx training course nessesary?

    Hi All, I am looking to invest in the ever popular Minx products. Is the training offered at Ellisons or SweetSquared nessesary or can you self teach with help from the training film on sweet Squared? Thanks
  3. Beautilicious2Oz


    Can any tell me if it would be worth be doing a course to offer this service. I have had 2 calls from other beauticians asking if I offer and they want someone to do it on them??? Also if you offer this service what is the charge and what system do you use??? Thanks muchly Hx
  4. Beautilicious2Oz

    Spray Tan - what 2 do while waiting to dry?

    Probably a daft question but how long do you make a client wait until they can get dressed after a spray tan and what do you do???? I am so far tanning young ladies in their early 20's and some are ok with their bodies but some are VERY body concious and seem to feel awkward standing there...
  5. Beautilicious2Oz

    Had my Couture training

    Hi Ladies, As there are sooo many threads on tanning at the mo I thought I would drop a line to mention that I had my training yestersday and it was good. I took a friend and we went thru contra-indications etc etc then she showed me how to prepare, give the client modesty etc etc then she...
  6. Beautilicious2Oz

    Stained fingers!!!

    How do you get spray tan off your fingers??? Thanks
  7. Beautilicious2Oz

    Spray parafin wax

    Hello all, Has or does anyone use spary parafin wax cartridges? I am mobile and looking to add parafin wax to my Manicures and Pedicures and wondered if this was the best option as it is quicker to heat and less messy to transport?? Any opinions appreciated. Thanks
  8. Beautilicious2Oz


    Hola, Has anyone used Hara skin products? Any thougts or opinions? Thanks
  9. Beautilicious2Oz

    Wax yourself

    Does anyone Wax their own Bikini line? I have waxed my own legs no probs but done my own bikini tonight - ooouuucchhhh
  10. Beautilicious2Oz

    Mixing PhD Wax

    Hi Ladies, I have heard somewhere that PhD tubes become harder to heat when they get emptier and that you can transfer the wax into another half used tube??? HOW????? Thanks
  11. Beautilicious2Oz

    1st rebook customer & Waxing question???

    YIPPEE I completed my first client waxing today who is not a friend or relative. The lady won it through Red Nose day so paid for it but not me!!! But good news she rebooked for 4 weeks time so I must of done OK!!! Quick question ladies, what do you use to apply the pre and post wax lotion...
  12. Beautilicious2Oz

    PhD - WOW

    OMG I have just used my PhD wax system for the first time and LOVE it. Soooo easy to use and clean, fab fab fab!!! :lol: