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  1. Beautilicious2Oz

    Refused to spray tan a client

    You definetly did the right thing. I was furious last week as I had a young lady in for a tan who I had tanned several time before so we had spoken about the 'no deodorant etc and would recommend a tan day before any special event' etc She stripped and stood in my tent and while I got my...
  2. Beautilicious2Oz

    Waxing when Mobile

    In answer to the other question I ALWAYS take but portable couch, my PhD unit is transported in a plastic basket (looks abit like a smaller shopping basket with handles). I use to take an extension lead but never used it so gave up and find the PhD unit has a long enough lead anyway. I also do...
  3. Beautilicious2Oz

    Waxing when Mobile

    Hi I am mobile and home based and I use the PhD waxing unit, not messy, easy to transport and fab to use. I do not have pot and spat but never need to use it. Good luck
  4. Beautilicious2Oz

    The Edge

    Hi, I recently trained using The Edge products and was told they are a pretty middle of the road product. I like them but also don't know any different! Good luck
  5. Beautilicious2Oz

    What are your thoughts on PhD waxing?

    Hi, I only use the PhD system and I love it. I am home based aswell as mobile and find it quick to heat, hygenic and less messy than pot'n'spat. I cannot imagine using another product. I also did the advanced PhD Brazilian training with Ellisons which is VERY good. Good luck
  6. Beautilicious2Oz

    What Treatments do you offer as a Mobile Therapist?

    I am mobile and I offer: Waxing Spray Tanning Lash and Brow tinting Nail extensions Manicure Pedicure Minx My wax unit is in like a mini basket with apron, couch roll etc, I have a small/medium holdall that my eye, man, ped go in then a metal case for my nails, minx etc and another...
  7. Beautilicious2Oz

    Why do people think very short courses are OK?

    I think 'no limit nails' has a very good point also is it not like school you either want to learn and do well or you want to skive and take the easy short cuts. A short course is not always the easy option but my experience attending short courses has definetely given me the basic foundations...
  8. Beautilicious2Oz

    Why do people think very short courses are OK?

    I have completed short courses that fitted in with my family but not pocket, they were expensive and so was the neccessary kits to support the courses, it was an investment in my future career. I take my beauty career very seriously and the courses I have attended follow with exams and...
  9. Beautilicious2Oz

    ~*~*~*~The Official Britain's Got Talent Thread~*~*~*~

    Did anyone see Britains Got Talent tonight? Did you see the brother/sister ballroom dance act and the girls ORANGE hands?? My jaw is still open her hands front and back were tango orange, she has either used self fake tan badly or she should shoot the 'Professional'!!! that tanned her!!
  10. Beautilicious2Oz

    Sticky feet !!

    I get my mop caps and disposable thongs from Ebay and use a dark hand towel for the client to stand on. I have not been told by any clients they have tanned soles yet and do have returning clients Good luck
  11. Beautilicious2Oz

    Mobile/Home Based Business Question....need help!

    Hi, I also have a business name that just came to me so I stuck with it. I intended to go ONLY mobile when i started but had more and more asking to come to me so i set up a beauty room and would say so far 70% of my clients come to me and I find the clients i visit are older or have young...
  12. Beautilicious2Oz

    Newbie - A few spray tan questions

    Hi, I stand my client to the back of the tent on a small dark hand towel as this also makes it clear where they should be. I use a dark beach size towel outside the tent because for some reason my gun always leaks for the first tan after I have cleaned it out thoroughly which I realised...
  13. Beautilicious2Oz

    What car for mobile therapist

    If I use my car I have a Vauxhall Meriva which I love I can easily fit my couch and cases in the boot and back seats and as the back windows are tinted so I have a window advertising decal on the back window. If it is in the evening I use my husbands Mondeo estate as it is a company car so...
  14. Beautilicious2Oz

    Konad Stamping with gels??

    I brought the Gold kit at BeautyUk and love it. I would agree that you should use their varnishes for the stamping and their top coat to prevent the print bleeding. You definetley get better with practice.
  15. Beautilicious2Oz

    Spray Tanning

    Hi, My husband spray tans me but he is a qualified vehicle sprayer so there is not that much difference to spraying a car or body!!!!
  16. Beautilicious2Oz

    Diploma question

    Hi, I work during the day and have kids to ferry about so a college course did not fit in with my lifestyle. I have done my training at The Carlton Institute and gained their recognised diplomas so was able to gain my insurance and perform my treatments. I am am now studying with The Carlton...
  17. Beautilicious2Oz


    Love ya tats ToniLee
  18. Beautilicious2Oz


    Hi Kylie, I have 4 tattoo's, one is half removed (done years ago when drunk!!) 2 can only be seen when naked or in bikini and one on my inner wrist so when doing my treatments my wrist is always shown as my tunic is short sleeved. I don't think tattoos carry the stigma they used to as Tonilee...
  19. Beautilicious2Oz

    L&p training near northants

    Hi, I am looking for a Nail tech course in or near Northampton area and am really struggling using Google. Can anyone recommend somewhere?? Thanks
  20. Please note I have ridged toe nails!!!

    Please note I have ridged toe nails!!!