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  1. pretty&pampered

    which l&p system is best???

  2. pretty&pampered

    gel pots wont open

    can anyone help, my bio gel pots are being awkward and wont open i have cleaned the outside of them but they wont budge. anyone know how i can loosen them. Cheers x x x x
  3. pretty&pampered

    is it ok for diabetics to use tea tree oil?

    hey folks just a quick question as the title might suggest. i have mentioned to someone that is may be a good idea to soak their feet in tea tree oil to help ward off things like athletes foot etc. this person is a type 2 diabetic so wasn't 100% if it would be ok for them. as far as i can...
  4. pretty&pampered

    Am i missing something here?

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/REBORN-NAIL-GEL-PEN_W0QQitemZ5643363186QQcategoryZ48921QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem i may be missing the point but this isnt something ive seen before. its not actually used on nails is it? I think its just a normal gel ink pen. x x
  5. pretty&pampered

    Kind replies from geeks

    just wanted to say a great big thankyou to all the geeks who posted nice replies to my pic in my gallery. i put it there to see if i had the brains to add one not for compliments ( however there were nice lol) it really is amazing how much support you get from this sight. only downfall is...
  6. pretty&pampered

    yay just uploaded my first ever pic yippee

    am a guest most of the time as cannot use the internet much at work, have just got broadband and home and thought id give it a go at adding a pic to my gallery. not done it for feedback so dont feel like you need to leave any, im just exploring and loving it.
  7. pretty&pampered

    nail art products needed

    hey folks i'm in need of some nail gems, decals etc i know there are a few people on here who sell these but i can remember who. can anyone give me some website addy's please. ta x
  8. pretty&pampered

    THE Dreaded pingers

    i have recently done a set of l&p on a friend and they have been on about a week now, however two of her nails have come clean off. now i know a bad prep could be be cause but is it possible for someone to have excessivley oily nail plates that could make this happen. your thoughts please x
  9. pretty&pampered

    using nailtiques cream with gel

    Hi folks, just have a quick question some of you may be able to help me with. I use nailtiques as a manicure range and use bio sculpture gel. having spent a lot of money on the nailtiques range including retail stock i dont really want to go out and spend more on bio sculpture stuff. So...
  10. pretty&pampered

    Bio sculpture gel tinted black.

    Hi all, i need a bit of advice, i have done a clear gel overlay on a friend of mine she hasn't got any problem at all with lifting or anything else. The problem is that the gel looks a bit grubby almost like they have a slight black tinge to them. She works in an office and i'm wondering...
  11. pretty&pampered

    Do your clients know the differance?

    hiya all, if you use more than one systems ie gel, l&p, figerglass etc do your clients know what the differance to them all is. and how many of them know what to ask for when they ring up. i want to train in more than one system but dont know if my clients will know which is which and why...
  12. pretty&pampered

    how do you see yourself

    i have just put a pic of myself on here and oh dear is all i can say. do the rest of you like your own pic or wished you hadnt done it?
  13. pretty&pampered

    fruit pastel nail

    hiya i found a pic os some nails in the gallery earlier that were a bit like the friut pastel lollies they were fab! does anyone know how they did it? what products they used? cheers
  14. pretty&pampered

    I have chosen my name

    i have finally decided what to call myself ( drum rolls plz) Pretty & Pampered what do you fellow geeks think? I dont want to restrict myself to nails by..... or anything like that as i want to be able to offer other therapies in the future. opinions plz as to what you think. thanks
  15. pretty&pampered

    sepaerate lamp for toes

    hi all, i am planning on learning gel in the next couple of months but just wondered if you does toes as well do you use a seperate lamp? if not what is the best way to sanitise it in between use. i plan on training wit bio sculpture so would it be a case of just using the sanitiser that is...
  16. pretty&pampered

    profit in airbrushing

    i know we all do our nail thing as we have a passion for it but just wondered as i dont do it yet and want to is airbrushing a profit making thing to do? it does look fab and would love to able able to do it but wondered what the pros and cons of it were. i have no idea if there is a market...
  17. pretty&pampered

    how to word treatments

    hiya geeks im currently putting together my business stuff and really cant decide of what type of description to put for my treatments, do i offer a basic manicure then a luxury one and give two prices or just stick with one., same with pedicures, i intend to use heated mitts and booties and...
  18. pretty&pampered

    Varicous veins

    i know by reading some previous threads posted on here that you should'nt massage over varicous veins, however i wondered if it is still ok to massgae to foot avoiding the ankle where the veins are. Also does using an exfoliater on the feet affect this at all or is it still safe to do so...
  19. pretty&pampered

    Extremley disheartened

    sorry to bore you all and put you all on a downer but i have to tell someone. i am SO fed up! i desparetly want to go mobile with my nails but still need to do alot of training, however money is scarce at the moment due to hols etc i have been through the yellow pages in an atempt to find...
  20. pretty&pampered

    Ez flow stand at G-mex

    does anyone know if there is going to be a stand for the ez flow products art the g-mex in october i have had a look but cant see them or am i missing them? are they under a differant name. thanks