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    Imported Photos

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  2. michelemacca

    Natural Nail Damage

    Thanks for that Sandi. It doesn't appear to be anything other than red and a bit bumpy to be honest, I can't see any contra-indications appearing or there already. xxxx
  3. michelemacca

    Natural Nail Damage

    Hi everyone, I've not been around the site for a while, and in fact haven't done any nails for a while, so last week I decided i would try and do my own nails as I'd paid to have them done a couple of times and hadn't been happy with the result. Well I did them and was very pleased with the...
  4. michelemacca


    I had shingles on my face a couple of weeks ago due to the stress i was under after the fraudulent use of my card, some of you may remember me havin a whinge about it. I went straight off to the doc's the day the tingling started and got my anti-viral tablets immediately, i felt better the...
  5. michelemacca

    Has anybody successfully used ProStrong products?

    I've got the flouride pen, although i've got out of the habit of using it, that coupled with solar oil twice a day got my nails really nice.
  6. michelemacca

    Urgent Assistance Needed!!!

    Thanks for your advice Geeg. I'd already refused to enhancements on her at Christmas for a similar reason, however, another friend did them anyway!!!! I just wasn't sure whether or not she should cover it with some kind of dressing or not but i'll tell her to leave it open to the air and see...
  7. michelemacca

    Urgent Assistance Needed!!!

    I have seen a friend today for the first time in ages, she is and always been a really serious nail biter. I am a little concerned cos on one finger she has bitten down near the cuticle at the Eponychium end (hope I got that one right, not used that term since august!!!!) but she's literally...
  8. michelemacca

    Keep An Eye On Your Switch/visa/connect Cards

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. The bank have increased my overdraft temporarily to cover the fraud and have said that they are quite happy it is fraud due to the amounts they have used as they are only quite small and have asked for £50 cashback nearly every time. I have asked that...
  9. michelemacca

    Scratch Mag Wanted Pleez

    i've got both, although i've not had time to read March yet but PM me your address and i'll send you February asap and March as quickly as i can after that, you can have em hun, don't want anything for em x
  10. michelemacca

    Keep An Eye On Your Switch/visa/connect Cards

    I just wanted to warn you ladies after my experience this past couple of days. I ended up in the local walk in centre along with my other half on friday as we were both ill, got home around lunchtime and didn't go out again until i went shopping on saturday lunchtime, which was a feat in...
  11. michelemacca

    Its been a poo day today :hug:

    Well you know what my opinion in this is gonna be hunny.......At the end of the day if she's not happy tough....sorry for sounding harsh everyone but as you have all said and you Jo, you've done it in the proper fashion, you haven't take the p*** and have taken all the BS she has thrown at you...
  12. michelemacca

    1st weight watcher weigh in!

    Hi, well I had my second weigh-in thursday just gone and lost half a pound...I'm quite chuffed actually as it had been my birthday the monday before and all in all from the saturday to the monday i'd had two curries, one in a restaurant and was three course, chilli in the pub for my dinner on...
  13. michelemacca

    Drills on Natural Nails and Cuticles!!!!

    I went to this place because it was "supposed" to be CND, one of them definitely was CND trained the certificates were on the wall. I could smell the monomer whatsoever, but I filed the length down last night and it was a really funny smell, not fishy as I've noticed other people say MMA is...
  14. michelemacca

    Drills on Natural Nails and Cuticles!!!!

    To be honest, I only know CND, I wouldn't know an NSS salon if I fell over it :o
  15. michelemacca

    Drills on Natural Nails and Cuticles!!!!

    I have been soaking them in Solar Oil nearly constantly!!!! As for CND products, nothing was in it's original packaging. The powder was in a glass heart shaped trinket box and the liquid in one of those round pots with the silver lids that's really for powder and it wasn't fresh!!!! They...
  16. michelemacca

    Drills on Natural Nails and Cuticles!!!!

    Right ladies, I'm on for a bit of whinge I think. It's my birthday tomorrow and so my other half booked an appointment for me to go and get pampered and have my nails done from a newly opened salon that is "supposed" to be creative!! My only concern was that not only did they use a drill for...
  17. michelemacca

    weight watchers, slimming buddy

    I have an excellent recipe for garlic, pasta, mushrooms with lemon juice, i'm having that for my tea tonight, it's GORGEOUS :biggrin: xxxx
  18. michelemacca

    weight watchers, slimming buddy

    I lost two and a half stone on it last year and then had a bit of a break and then re-joined last week, had my first weigh in last night and lost three and a half pounds!!!! xxx
  19. michelemacca

    Photo of Mui

    EXCELLENT NEWS.....i think what happened touched everyone's hearts all over the world and beyond!!! Our boss has agreed to let anyone who isn't going to court, police station to prisons or seeing clients to wear jeans for the day tomorrow for a minimum donation of £2 with all the money going...
  20. michelemacca

    mini solar oils

    That's a shame, only just seen your post, have a full pack of 20, i could have sent you some of those :sad: