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  1. Herman

    "Tonight Mathew, I'am going to beeee?"

    If you had to describe your character as an object, colour, film or cartoon caricature who or what would you be and why. Tonight Mathew i'am going to be .......Sponge Bob Square Pants........Because he's a bit square, he looks stupid in shorts, he's as thick as a brick and he retains water...
  2. Herman

    Bad Workmanship or NSS?????????

    what makes a Non standard salon? If after 6 months of a new salon opening down the road from you, you start getting fresh faces through the door complaiming about the new salon saying things like. "Their all oriental looking!" "They wear masks!" "Theres a very strong chemical smell!"...
  3. Herman

    Men ?????

    I was just wondering how many members on this site are men. I only know of Ant, Scott D, Geek & yours truly. IS THERE ANY ONE OUT THERE??????????????? Ooops not forgetting nonacrylicgel
  4. Herman

    Contaminated Files!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello there!! I've just recently aquired about 6 new clients, The origional tech is on maternity leave. All of them have asked the same question!!!!!!!! Dont you ever cut anybody when filing? What I said, I have never cut anybody using files "but my tech does all the time and leaves my finger...
  5. Herman

    Acrylic damages your nails????

    This is Hermans wifey Lilly, Cant post anything on mine so i'm using his..... I have nearly finished a beauty therapy course and an additional option with the course was a nail extension course, because I have already done numerous nail courses this didnot apply to me but I was concernd when...
  6. Herman


    were looking for a nail tech for our salon in Castleford West Yorkshire. can any one give advise on where to find good staff. How do you get your staff? Could creative academy help? Do you have any advice on rates of pay? i know the 60/40 split were the tech is self employed but can you...
  7. Herman

    Good Brush V Good brush

    Whats the difference between a good quality art brush & a good quality L&P brush? (apart from about £30+). i've started to play around with L&P on the nail trainer as Mrs MDT told me to stop talking nails & do some. i've been using a sable art brush so far as i haven't had time to get a proper...
  8. Herman

    Clay Extentions?

    we had a client in our salon enquiring about some advise she had been given by another tech. She had been advised that as she was a bad nail biter, she would first have to let her nails grow a little & would then have to have CLAY tips applied. Can anyone enlighten me to what clay tips are ...
  9. Herman

    Removable Gels (split)

    Is there a gel system you can soak off, if so, with what & how long does it take? :ack: