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  1. Eva.2020

    Colour brand Yellow!

    Does anybody use colour brand Yellow? Is it good? And where do you purchase it? Thanks
  2. Eva.2020

    12/81 & 12/61 = 12% Koleston Perfect

    Thank you!
  3. Eva.2020

    12/81 & 12/61 = 12% Koleston Perfect

    Could you please tell me how Kadus toners work? What developer to use and what ratios? Many thanks. There isn't really a lot of info on this brand..
  4. Eva.2020

    Does anyone use Kadus?

    Thanks for your reply! I have looked at my supplier and it doesn't sell kadus. Where do you normally buy it?
  5. Eva.2020

    Does anyone use Kadus?

    Hi. Anybody using Kadus colours? And is their lightener/toners good? Any info much appreciated x
  6. Eva.2020

    Mobile hairdressing, hair washing?

    thanks for your reply. I'm planning on going mobile as well and not sure of how things work. So if you don't carry basin with you - how do you wash client's hair at the basin? do you need anything at all etc tap extention..? Any info much appreciated
  7. Eva.2020

    Log cabin/shed etc. salon set ups!

    Hi, does anybody here run their hair or beauty business built in a garden shed? Was it hard to set up and is there permission to gain from your local council? Any info much appreciated! :)
  8. Eva.2020

    Hair extensions courses

    Hi, I'm newly qualified and looking to expand my knowledge and do extensions course. Which technique is most popular? I have looked at some online courses but not sure if they would be ok and if they are genuinely accredited. hairextensioncourses.com offers a range of extensions courses for a...