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  1. Lauraa1981

    Salon colour disaster

    A .22 is double violet. I used some gold concentrate to conteract some of the intensity of the violet. I didnt have ash to neutralise the warmth (red)so I thought violet was the next best thing to stop warmth. A big mistake it was
  2. Lauraa1981

    Salon colour disaster

    Client was lv 4 wanting a cool level 6 colour. She had about 10% grey I didnt not have any 5N so I used 3/4 6.22 & 4n plus a few drops of gold concentrate with 20vol.. My thinking was the .22 would nutralise all the warm tones while lifting and between the 4 and 6 we would end up with a cool...
  3. Lauraa1981

    Matrix 6A turned green?

    would say that you need to add a little copper to the 6. When going 2 shades or darker the hair needs to he filled or it goes green or muddy. NEVER use ash when darjening more than 2 shades. For a level 6 need to use copper or gold in your natural. Look at the levels and see what your target...
  4. Lauraa1981

    Toner help

    See violet is a .2 somtimes i use .21 violet with a bit of ash. So both .96 means violet? or is the a little extra something added?
  5. Lauraa1981

    Toner help

    ]Wella illumia 10/69 and 9/16 I am not fam with wella whats a .69 represent? A .6 in other brands is red and there is no 9. Also a .1 is Ash.
  6. Lauraa1981

    Advice on how to cope with negativity

    Hahah party over. I love it xox Thats the attitude
  7. Lauraa1981

    Ash root shadow advice

    I have always used gold with the base when going.to.a 7 or 6, even if hair is slightly golden blonde to begin with. I feel safe.doing so.
  8. Lauraa1981

    Am I crazy?

    Does using some gold and a natural base colour together help cover really resistant grey???
  9. Lauraa1981

    What would happen if I did this?

    A client who is 60% grey. Natural colour lv 5. Want a cool base 7. If I used 3/4 7.1 & 1/4 7 What would happen to the grey hair with the 7.1? Also would it cover enough ? In a situration like this what would you use to get a cool 7
  10. Lauraa1981

    High lift tint yes or no?

    Thankyou xxx
  11. Lauraa1981

    High lift tint yes or no?

    Damit. I was hoping that maybe we could get away with it. Would I still need to lift to yellow and then should I tone down with 8 and a tinny bit of 8.3 ? I did explained that her roots wont be that bad as were only use 20vol and with cuts each taking all the old colour out it will be in not...
  12. Lauraa1981

    High lift tint yes or no?

    My client is a level 5 and I have been doing bleach & 20vol on scalp bleach. Her mids and ends were stripped from artifical colour which has has really dryed her hair out . Now were happy to be a look like a 8.32 colour. Question is. Would a 8.1 tint with 40 vol achieve this? Or do I need ti...
  13. Lauraa1981


    yeah that makes sence. Thankyou. We have 5 vol maybe could use that?? Not sure if it would work for a tonner on mids and ends?
  14. Lauraa1981


    Doing a toner for highlights at work not fam with the colour range yet. Used something simular to a 10.2 with 10 vol. As there shitty colours i left the tonner longer than normal. The stupid colour lifted her base slightly and went warmer. I thought 10 vol was to deposit and not lift??? Is this...
  15. Lauraa1981

    What can be done about this?

    At work we do not have any colour reducer and they wont bring any in. What say using bleach with peroxide 1.5% be simular ? What can I do about this??
  16. Lauraa1981

    Is this true?

    Thanks. This is what i thought also. He made me feel like i didnt know what i was going
  17. Lauraa1981

    Is this true?

    When colouring grey hair 70% plus and wanting to achieve a level 5 or under. You should be using 10 vol instead of 20? Is this correct.? Started a nee job and the hairdresser said that this is basic colour theroy. Wtf?
  18. Lauraa1981

    What would you do here?

    I have decided to do 12.1 highlift 30vol. Dont know what I was thinking. She is naturally base 7. The photo has come up loghter as in the sun.
  19. Lauraa1981

    What would you do here?

    Just want it to match her roots with her mids and ends keeping the most of the warmth. I feel bleaching would make it too light as her base is about 6/7. What would I use?? Would a 9.1 & 30vol work? And tone mids and ends with a 8.21 10vol? Think a few baby lights would be nice to break ot...
  20. Lauraa1981

    Very nervous, any advice?

    I havent worked in a salon for 13 years. I have a trial coming up and was asked to bring in my scissors clips and trimmers. It is in a busy shopping center. I know I am not up to speed and as quick as I use to be. :(( Scared that I am not good enough. What is your advice for me. Some tips or...