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  1. Alan Andersen

    Toner issue?

    Hello all, I recently bleached my hair and then applied Wella Colour Touch 3 parts 9/96 to 1 part 8/81. It was very smoky ash at first, but after only 4 or 5 washes its really washed out. Any ideas on why this is happening? I'll attached pics from day 1, after 2 days and now (5 days) Thanks
  2. Alan Andersen

    High Lift colour?

    Hello all, I have a client who i normally do a T bar of bleach foils highlights and colour with a cool Wella shade in between. I've been doing this for years and as she has gotten older she has gotten a bit more grey, although she is still pretty dark, considering her age (74) She does like her...
  3. Alan Andersen

    Igora Royal Absolutes Age Blend

    Hello all, Does anyone have any experience with this range? I was having a look at them and they have some nice shades, in particular 8-140. I have a few older clients who this range could suit. I'd be interested to know if the colours are true to shade and if they work with the hairs own...
  4. Alan Andersen

    Cool beige blonde

    Hello everyone, Can anyone recommend a nice cool beige blonde colour (for post lockdown obvs) Client is 73, although looks much younger and is mostly white on top, 50 / 50 on sides and maybe 30 to 40% grey in the back. I would like to keep the variation in the lightness and not be all uniform...
  5. Alan Andersen

    High lift tint on base of 4

    Hi, My niece has asked me to do some highlights or balayage for her. She has virgin hair that's around a base of 4 and past shoulder length. I'm not keen on using bleach and she doesn't want it really light blonde anyway. I was wondering if I used a mix of hightlift tints, I could get it lifted...
  6. Alan Andersen

    Colour help

    Hi, I have a client in her mid 40's with long layered hair, who is a natural base 4 - 5 with about 10 - 15% white, mostly in the front. She currently has Igora 5.63 (chocolate matt) on the roots and grown out balayage in the ends, at approx level 9. She wants to go lighter but keep the balayage...
  7. Alan Andersen

    Nice light chestnut shade?

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a nice warm chestnut shade.....maybe around level 7. I've gone through loads of shade charts but nothing is jumping out. Thanks
  8. Alan Andersen

    Soft, flattering red shade for 70 year old?

    Hi, I'm looking to do a makeover on my mum who is 71. She looks fab and would easily pass for 55 - 60. She is probably 60 to 70% white these days and is currently coloured with Koleston 88/0. I'm looking at doing a soft reddish shade (Was thinking about Majirel 7.52 maybe?) and putting a few...