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    CND Shellac help

    I've had the same problem until I started using Young Nails Protein Bond as a primer. It really adds to the longevity and my clients' nails last 3-4 weeks without a problem. :)
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    Bleach allergy

    Wonderful, thanks for the info! Could you please link to the exact product, because as far as I can tell there's a few in the Decolour line. Thanks!
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    Bleach allergy

    Hey guys, My friend's been working in the hair industry for 20 years and recently developed an allergy to bleach - or to be more precise potassium persulfate. Does someone know a profession salon line that uses a potassium persulfate free bleach? Please help
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    Thank you so much for your reply! :)
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    What's you favourite flexible hair spray to use while braiding? I'm currently looking into L'oreal PLI and TIGI Headrush, and perhaps Schwarzkopf Silhouette flexible spray? For finish I currently use TIGI Masterpiece. What's your favourite? Thanks xx
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    Products to tame hair while braiding etc

    Which product from the line are you referring to? Is it this one: Can it be used on dry hair? I need something for that :) Thank you for your suggestion!
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    Products to tame hair while braiding etc

    Heya geeks, I'm looking for an alternative product to work with when I do bridal updos. I currently use Revlon Stylemasters Pure Styler 3, which I spray over hair before braiding and such. It helps with the flyaway, but I'd like to change it up since I hate the smell. I'm currently looking...
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    Young Nails Protein Bond

    Hello geeks, I have a very hard time getting my hands on Young Nails Protein Bond, since I'm from Slovenia and we don't have a distributor here. Do you know any sites that ship to Europe without enormous shipping costs? I tried contacting the distributor in the UK but they won't ship it to me...
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    Mobile nail kit bag

    I think a trolley is a good idea, since it's on wheels and you don't have to carry things around. I have the CND Zuca trolley, that si designed to perfectly fit your lamp, and it comes with 2 see-through compartments for your polishes, glitter etc. It has a ton of additional pockets, so you can...
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    MoYou London stamping rant

    Hello ladies, I've had some bad stamping experiences in the past, and things took some trial and error, but nothing quite like this! I'm sure all of you head about MoYou London - they're quite popular where I live, and their Instagram feed is full of wonderful designs, that are seemingly...
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    Advice needed, weak nails and CND Shellac

    What do you mean with workforce? :)
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    Late to the game with stamping

    I love Bornpretty plates - I find the bigger plates work particularly well, whereas some of the smaller round ones are a hit and a miss. For stamping polish, I have quite a few from Moyra that are awesome, and the newer version of Bornpretty also work perfectly (the ones in the newer packaging)...
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    Shellac needing 3 coats

    Aren't all three colors I mentioned marked as Opaque? :) I tried Creekside with Cream Puff underneath, but I still needed 2 additional coats od Creekside, because the first layer wasn't looking good. I imagine it would be similar to the combos you mentioned? I'll give this a go to see if I can...
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    Shellac needing 3 coats

    Thank you for your suggestion! I just booked an appointment at the nearby salon that uses Lilly nails. I'm trying it on one finger to see if I can work with it. How hard is the removal with this? I would only use this is a gel polish, I don't do enhancements. Thanks x
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    Shellac needing 3 coats

    Hello ladies! I've been doing nails with CND Shellac for the past 3 years. While I find most colors really do need only 2 coats, there are some I absolutely hate to use, because I always have to do 3 coats. These are the colors: Creekside, Salmon Run and Brick Knit. I tried asking for help...
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    Nude Shellac colours?

    I love Cashmere Wrap, it's the most popular nude with my clients :)