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    Nail kit

    All products reduced to half price. Would prefer to sell as job lot. Small in lamp £10 Gel £10 each. Pink opened for training but never used. CND pink powder £17 Revolution powder £7.50 each Forms £5 Dappen dish 50p Files 60p each Buffer £1.
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    E-file bit?

    What’s your fave bit for removing gel polish on natural nails?
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    Saeyang k38 users

    Hey guys, curious what speed do u have your k38 to when buffing down product to prep for infills? Tia
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    Carbide ceramic burr bits

    Hello fellow geeks. Which bits or burrs (not sure if that means the same thing!) do u all use? Are ceramic and carbide the same thing? I’m thinking I need these as they give off less dust and heat up less? Also am I right in thinking the round ends give better cuticle protection? Sorry for the...
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    I’m seriously considering the prospect of starting to use an efile. What brands and training can anyone recommend please, also for mobile use. Only helpful replies please, no jobsworths
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    Calling all Gellux techs!

    Please can u let me know what curing time u use for clear base/top coat, colour coats and what lamps/wattage u use as having longevity problems. Thank you!!
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    Wax on client’s coat!

    A bit of wax just dropped off spatula on clients new Superdrug coat [emoji30] it's 100% nylon and says can be washed at 30 degrees. I advised her to put washing powder with warm water and sponge it....? Please help!
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    Vinylux top coat going matte

    So I'm on the first day of holiday in Greece and my Vinylux has gone matt..? This happened the last time I've been on holiday but not prior to that. Any ideas? Formula change in topcoat? Nails look horrible and matt now... [emoji30]. Index finger has a bit of shine left but rest are matt.
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    Peterborough CND techs

    Is anyone in peterborough? Just wondered if anyone was ordering cnd anytime soon? My client wants one vinylux and it's not worth me just ordering one. Wud someone mind adding to their order? Apologies if this sounds cheeky, not my intention, I just need a favour! Tia
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    Gel reaction? Help

    Have any of your clients had this? Tiny blisters and swelling. Doctor has given steroid cream. Could it be gel reaction or to uv lamp?
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    Pregnancy spray tan

    I've checked with my company and they've said it's ok after the first trimester to spray but just wondered if anyone out there regularly sprays pregnant women? It will be my first pregnant spray today.
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    Gel powder?

    Hi I think I am correct but wanted to check on here. There is no such thing as gel powder? I have clients who have been to discount salons and asked for gel, it appeared to have been acrylic but the tech has told them it's gel powder. I've told them as far as I know there is no such product and...
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    Help! Damaged oak table

    Help! Finished client and as I took my towel off her table it had stuck in a couple places. All I can think is some acetone soaked thru and onto ger oak table. I've tried equipment cleaner and oil but still looks like dry acetone splashes! Advice please urgent
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    Any ideas or help?

    So I've been doing client for a year and she had Calgel first which lasted 5 wks perfect but over time she started chipping or coming off as a whole nail. So I overlayed in brisa sculpt, again, was ok for a bit but started chipping and popping off. So now she's had acrylic for a few month but...
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    S2 bad communication

    Didnt want to but have to post on here. I've put an order in with s2, I want to know if they have vinylux colours charts to add as couldn't find on site. Well, I hate calling 0845 numbers so hav emailed, tweeted and went on 'live chat' - so disappointed as I've had No response! There isn't even...
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    Solar oil pinkies

    How much do u sell the pinkies for please? I'm thinking £3.50??
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    Gel heating up

    Just want to pick all your brains... Why does gel heat up in uv lamp when building up/ doing a thick layer? Not something I've thought about but sometimes happens when doing my own nails
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    Dermatitis from gel?

    Has anyone experienced a client having a reaction a day or two after applying soak off gel? My client has told me her doctor diagnosed dermatitis. ??? :-/
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    Pregnant spray tan

    Hey geeks, please jog my memory on spray tanning newly pregnant clients. She has bkd in but just txt to tell me she just found out. Can't remember off top of my head as havnt had this scenario. ! Thanks in advance.
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    14% tan illegal?

    I've had an email from my spray tan company, Fresh Indulgence (love their product!), they hav informed me that as from June this year,spraytan solutions of 14% and above will be illegal in The EU.