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  1. BeautiqueSpa

    Maidstone starter salon for sale

    Salon in Maidstone priced to sell, please see this link if you're interested. Would be perfect for someone with a client base looking to branch out on their own as very low overheads with service bills included in the £300 a week rent...
  2. BeautiqueSpa

    Selling up, what’s the best way to sell my stock and furniture?

    This covid stuff isn’t for me. So I’ve made the decision to sell my salon business or just the stock and furniture. Does anyone know what resources are best to go about this?
  3. BeautiqueSpa

    Had to cancel day’s work 3 days in advance, client’s mum livid with me

    I am currently having some works done on my treatment rooms to create 2 rooms out of 1 large one. The work is nearly finished but I am pretty sure it will run into next weeks bookings which start on Wednesday so today I messaged all my Wednesday customers to give them a heads up that I may need...
  4. BeautiqueSpa

    Comfortable footwear?

    I have had a few days back to back massages and have more coming up in the near future. Please can someone recommend decent salon appropriate footwear to avoid crippling ball of foot ache I have had for the last 3 days.
  5. BeautiqueSpa

    Eve Taylor Age Resist Facial protocol

    HI, where can i find the protocol for this facial? I have the others but can't find the details for the products to use and routine for the Age Resist Facial.
  6. BeautiqueSpa

    Constructive website criticism please

    Hi ladies, Would love some constructive criticism advice on my website, I get lots of hits but not many visitors go on to direct book via my website. I get most of my bookings through Facebook inquiries asking when I'm available but people can book direct on my website a date and time they...
  7. BeautiqueSpa

    Acrylic removal, new client

    A new customer came in today for an acrylic soak off. Not my work. Nails were beautiful but 4 weeks grown out and very long and the girl had lost one and had been travelling to her old home town to get them done as hadn’t found a new salon in her new home town that she liked yet, but after...
  8. BeautiqueSpa

    Eve Taylor Skin Profiler

    Does this exist and if so, where can I get my hands on one? The ‘Be part of our success’ booklet mentions it but I can’t seem to find any other information on it. Would love a link to it if there is one. I have access to the Eve Taylor pro area and use all their products in my salon. XX
  9. BeautiqueSpa

    Filing sidewalls

    So I have a bug bear with filing sidewalls too thin. Does anyone have any tips on how to create the look of nice slender nails without taking off too much acrylic down the sides which is where I keep getting carried away with.
  10. BeautiqueSpa

    Wilko's selling waffle throws for a decent price

    Just thought I'd let you know. In various colours and they are the bigger size too so really good for Salon Couches.
  11. BeautiqueSpa

    Eve Taylor! Getting to know you

    ...getting to know all about you! What's the most efficient way to get to know the various products and protocols for the treatments? I have been building my salon these past few months and now have my hands on the Eve Taylor Initial purchase option 2 plus extra products in order to carry out...
  12. BeautiqueSpa

    Pinched nail sculpted set speeds?

    How long does it take you to do a full set of acrylic sculpts whilst pinching the nail? I have just practiced on my left hand doing one nail on forms at a time with really long coffin nails. It took me 1 1/2 hours just to do the one hand. I wasn’t trying to be fast but this seems like a...
  13. BeautiqueSpa

    Recommend coloured acrylic powders

    Hey. I am stocking up on powder acrylics and have a few core ranges from different brands but am now looking for coloured acrylic powders that people can recommend. The core brands I have are NSI, CND, Young nails and Glitterbells. I have stayed away from Glam and Glitz as so many of their...
  14. BeautiqueSpa

    Can anyone recommend a double manicure table with fan?

    Hi All Looking at kitting out my salon with a double manicure station with extractor fan and storage for both stations. I’ve found a few online but none have reviews so looking for recommendations that people have tried. It’s really the power of the dust and fume extraction I’m concerned with...
  15. BeautiqueSpa

    'If you knew then', brutal advice desired

    If you knew then what you know now, would you still open your salon? I have the opportunity and desire to open a salon and run it myself from the business side of things. I have worked with my partner in many different types of businesses and in many different positions to the point where I am...