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    What do you do when clients arrive really late?

    I have never had this prob before but in the last few days I had one client arrive 30 mins late...it was early on and quiet so I let it go but declined her request to pick her up from the bus stop! and today one didn't arrive on time who had paid up front for her treatments already. I called...
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    Joke of the day

    I just had to share this as I read a lot of threads about nearby competitors creating waves and would like any input/advice from geeks. I've recently (2 weeks ago) moved from a home salon to a little shop salon and have been putting flyers around the area. Anyway this morning I got a call...
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    Galvanic Gels

    Hi Geeks I've already done a search on here but can't find much info Having recently done Galvanic Facials training I am looking for some decent products for Desi and Ionto At the moment I am practising with SBC Gels but I am fussy about ingredients, particularly for the Ionto phase and all...
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    Social Group for Gtr Manchester Geeks

    Hiya myself and NailsXpress have set up a facebook social group for any geeks who fancy a meet up in the Gtr Manchester area. It's a closed group for now so as to avoid any spammers. Hope to see you there X
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    Some Shrinking Violet customers rant

    :grr: am not sure if it's the heat wearing my patience thin but have any other geeks had some customers who just can't accept that fat can and will return if they don't take a hold of the reigns for themselves. I keep saying its just like any fat loss - to keep it off eat less or burn more and...
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    LA Tan question

    Am about to buy a Spray Tan kit and after much faffing was going to go with the LA Tan one but spoke to another therapist today and she said that its sticky and is really hard to wash off. Has anyone else found this with LA Tan? BTW its the brown range not the gold one. Thanks in advance
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    Spray tan and aromatherapy oils

    Hi Geeks I wonder if anyone who does spray tan can help? Is it normal for aromatherapy oils to remove spray tan? I had a client at a pamper party with spray tan on and by the time I had finished doing her a back massage with Aroma oil it was blotchy, patchy and a bit bitty as well. Am thinking...
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    Trade Test cheeky?

    Hey Geeks an opportunity has come along to rent a room in a long estabilished busy hairdressers for £346 pcm. I've had a look at the room, its small but there is storage space outside so that's not a biggie. Anyway she wants an interview, fair enough (I would as a salon owner to rent a room) and...
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    Insurance for Tutors

    Hi I already have practitioner (holistics and beauty) insurance but need insurance to work as a Freelance Tutor, my Insurance Company do not offer this as an extension...dohhhhh Does any know of any good, economical policies? Thanks in advance :)
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    UV Odorless Acrylic advice pls x

    Hi I'm Zoe, new to the forum and new to the world of nails! I have recently qualified with the Noveau acrylic odorless UV system and wondered if anyone can recommend any similar (UV/Acrylic/Odorless) systems I can practice with. thanks for any advice Zoe x:)