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  1. Claddagh Nails

    Insurance Ireland

    Hi all, Please can you guys help me out here:hug:. Looking to go mobile with nails and tanning, also a little direct selling of skincare & make-up:irked:. What insurance companies are out there that covers Ireland. Have such a pain in my head:grr: from seraching and reading so many web-sites...
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    Imported Photos

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  3. Claddagh Nails

    professional beauty show

    This will be my 2nd year to miss the show. Why do they all ways have to have it on the first weekend in October??? Maybe if I pull a sickie on the Monday I could get going! Any one else going or not??????????
  4. Claddagh Nails

    Yaaa!!! Saturday's The Day!!! Get Your Auntie Hats On!

    Yolanda, Thats great news, all the best for a speedy delivery. Don't be nervous you'll be fine. Thinking of you & Junior.
  5. Claddagh Nails

    Salon work at last!

    Way to go Louise, like most I would love to get my foot in the door of a salon. Best of luck, when do you start - this Saturday???
  6. Claddagh Nails

    I want to moan!!!!!

    Congrats on getting your masters. Sorry to read about your bad week, but things can only get better from this poit on.
  7. Claddagh Nails

    Who would you have???

    Oh It would have to be Princes Dina, graceful, elegant, kind, loveable................. But for now I stick to hanging out with the famous, knowledgeable, kind, funny, supportive nail geeks..............
  8. Claddagh Nails

    Irish Geeks

    Hi, I too subscribe to Irish Beauty and can also recommend it. It will be great to read more about Irish Nail Techs, training with in Ireland and off course more info on shows and computions (with lots of photos). Look forward to the next issue.
  9. Claddagh Nails

    It been awhile..................

    Thanks Girls, Its great to be back, if only for a little while a day. Jackie just sent you a pm, talk to you later.
  10. Claddagh Nails

    It been awhile..................

    Hello to one and all, Haven’t been around for quite awhile and miss the site so much. It been a roller coast ride for me over the last month or so with work, personal life and family, with some low points but mainly high points, so hence why I haven’t been around. One of the main things...
  11. Claddagh Nails

    scotland move out the window

    And thats the most important thing.
  12. Claddagh Nails

    Home Alone

    Oh Clare. call me old fashion, but I nearly had heart failure last night when I spoke to my niece (18yrs old) & she told me her boyfriend was staying (sister inlaw away). I think not. Rang my sister and guess what???? Boyfriend didn't get to stay, but sister did.
  13. Claddagh Nails

    scotland move out the window

    Its nail bitting waiting for answear. Every thing still crossed for you. You sure have alot going on in your life Tracy.............. To hell with what they think, once you, hubby & kids are happy, who cares what they want or think.
  14. Claddagh Nails

    scotland move out the window

    Tracy, will keep every thing crossed here for you too. Hope its great news at 2pm. Wish I had a sister living around the corner from me, then again we would kill each other.
  15. Claddagh Nails

    Home based salon...

    I would go with the retail products!
  16. Claddagh Nails

    Are You a Neat Freak?

    Hey what a great idea! Looks real neat & tidy , all your bits & bobs in one place. Thanks for sharing this with us.
  17. Claddagh Nails

    My Nan

    Sorry to hear about your Nan. Thinking of you and your family.
  18. Claddagh Nails

    Thank you Creative xxx

    Oh you lucky things, greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen here with envy. So glad ye all had a ball of a time and can't wait to see the finished photos.
  19. Claddagh Nails

    Clients in wheelchair?

    Hi Jo, Most wheelchairs have a small slide tray, that is attached to the chair, it slides out a good bit from the person, before it becomes unstable. You should be able to use this.
  20. Claddagh Nails

    does this make u feel old??

    I like it & wish I was a kid again (some times). I remember the rose petal perfume Louise and then there was the little daisy chains. The world has changed so much and kids now don't seem to understand the word "Fresh Air". Can you image giving them four kitchen chairs and a sheet to go...