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    Permission for complementary therapy salon living in a housing association property?

    Hi I rent from Guinness Partnership and they said yes I can work from home with a review period to see if there was any disturbance to other residents. That was 6 years ago and everything has been fine, in fact it is other residents noise that sometimes interrupt my treatments!
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    What do you do when clients arrive really late?

    Well I will have to see what she says when she responds, I already left her a message at closing time Sat and asked her time/date for rescheduling.... so I never had any intention of taking advantage by not offering an alternative date and her losing her money....this sitch has just made me...
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    What do you do when clients arrive really late?

    If she hadn't turned up and not paid she would have lost her deposit...due to last min cancellations and no shows I have started to charge a small £5 deposit for any treatments over £30....so that would have been it....I used to do the 50% of treatment cost for now shows but recuperating that...
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    What do you do when clients arrive really late?

    No on a main road leading out of town centre! and on my website I have address, postcode, photos of the outside and landmarks
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    I'm a foil failure

    I find foils stick better to Shellac (before wiping the tacky layer) yet with other brands gel polish I have to wipe the tacky layer off and use the foil adhesive like Nicole
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    What do you do when clients arrive really late?

    I have never had this prob before but in the last few days I had one client arrive 30 mins late...it was early on and quiet so I let it go but declined her request to pick her up from the bus stop! and today one didn't arrive on time who had paid up front for her treatments already. I called...
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    Thermal mitts and booties - are they popular?

    Same, I don't get that many deluxe mani's and pedi's anymore either...what I do use them for is for speeding up the removal time of gel polishes...set them on a low setting, put the wraps on, put hands or feet in plastic bags (like when doing a foot/hand mask) and pop them in the mitts/booties...
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    So annoying - people not bringing money!

    Same here I use Worldpay...if anyone is considering going with them do a google search for a discount code for the card reader as its 1/2 price with that code...other than that its 3.4% per transaction which can add up if you take a lot of card payments over the year, but for now it works a...
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    My work space

    A wall hanging of some sorts with fairy lights, the heart ones in B & M were cute...they add a warm and magical touch to any space
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    What do you wear as a nail professional?

    Same here and also the fabric irritates my skin...I wear smart but comfy tops or short dresses, the peplum ones are lovely over leggings nowadays and occasionally wear my tunic
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    Joke of the day

    best advice, today's a new day :p
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    Joke of the day

    I'm not quite sure why I would need to be polite to someone who was being over pushy and disrespectful or why I would need to give her any time. If she offered a service which complemented what I do but not the same and had a different approach it may have been a different story. The fact is she...
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    Joke of the day

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    Joke of the day

    Thanks geeks!
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    Joke of the day

    I just had to share this as I read a lot of threads about nearby competitors creating waves and would like any input/advice from geeks. I've recently (2 weeks ago) moved from a home salon to a little shop salon and have been putting flyers around the area. Anyway this morning I got a call...
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    Anybody know what Shellac colour this is

    Dosn't look like shellac to me unless its a mica/additive combo Sent from my GT-I9000 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    Princess party nail polish

    Any brand, most kids have to take their polish off for school anyway X
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    Insurance for home salon

    I use ABT Insurance.co.uk for both
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    Impossible client

    I wouldn't bend over backwards for a customer that is a pain in the *** just be firm with the timings required for treatments and your available hours like the other geeks have said and if she can't flex with that, then so be it
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    19 new Shellac colours for 2013

    I love the fact that Spring colours are released early, maybe January instead of December though as it's easy for new lines to get blurred with Christmas ones. Personally anything to do with Spring is as a ray of light for the dark winter especially after the dazzle of christmas has gone and...