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  1. Claddagh Nails

    Insurance Ireland

    Hi all, Please can you guys help me out here:hug:. Looking to go mobile with nails and tanning, also a little direct selling of skincare & make-up:irked:. What insurance companies are out there that covers Ireland. Have such a pain in my head:grr: from seraching and reading so many web-sites...
  2. Claddagh Nails

    It been awhile..................

    Hello to one and all, Haven’t been around for quite awhile and miss the site so much. It been a roller coast ride for me over the last month or so with work, personal life and family, with some low points but mainly high points, so hence why I haven’t been around. One of the main things...
  3. Claddagh Nails

    Walk Me Through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please walk with me on how I’m going to do a full set of L&Ps on a nail bitter over the weekend. Let me know if I’m going to go wrong anywhere along the way or if you have advice, tips or a better way to go about dealing with nail bitters. Now I haven’t seen the nails yet...
  4. Claddagh Nails

    Follow-up on "OH NO, Need Support"

    Just a quickie to follow up my thread on Friday: http://www.thenailgeek.com/showthread.php?t=17892 Thanks to all who replied it was a great help. So Friday left work, headed to ONS to pick up one or two items left with a bag full, thanks Emer (cna ireland) love the enamel colours. Off...
  5. Claddagh Nails

    OH Help - Support Needed

    Ho! what have I done???? :cry: Out last night for a few drinks with some friends and we got talking about the beauty industry. One of the girls has their own hair salon and has expended the salon for a beauty room, she is will be looking for full-time therapists.The conversation got around...
  6. Claddagh Nails

    To Renewal or Not?

    Hi guys, Hoping that you guys may give me some feedback on whether or not to renewal my membership to ANT! I have gone back and read most of the posts regarding ANT the pros & cons on their membership and I know a lot of geeks had more negative things to say (now I don't want to open a can...
  7. Claddagh Nails

    What a Weekend.

    Hi all, Just had a nightmare of a weekend. It all started on Friday, hubby was away yet again with work and the clutch goes on my car while I was driving in bumper to bumper traffic. Had no choice but to continue to drive until I got to a garage about 500 yards down the road, praying that...
  8. Claddagh Nails

    Nail Art

    Received this from hubby today - nail art with a difference!!! [url=http://www.thenailgeek.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=1185[/url]
  9. Claddagh Nails

    Update on Mui

    Morning all! Wanted to let ye know I received this e-mail this morning from "Jut" about Mui. "sa wat dee ka This about mui .she is good she not go internet becuse have young boy play game . she no have salon and not do nail long time only for friend .she now try make visa go london...
  10. Claddagh Nails

    Voucher Book

    Hello Geeks, I just recived the "Outrageous Voucher Booklet" from professional beauty for the show at ExCel, London. As I won't be going, anyone who would like to have the book, just drop me a PM and I will forward it onto you.
  11. Claddagh Nails

    Need to let of steam!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not nail related but need to let of steam!!! My mobile phone just eight months old started playing up and I brought it back to the shop for repair, that was the last week in Dec. "Ten working days its all it takes & you can collect your phone" no problems there. Came back a month later...
  12. Claddagh Nails

    Christmas Wishes To All!!!!!

    After reading this on the net, I thought I would share it with ye all (I've made afew changes), as this sums up all that I would like to say to each and every one of ye. Christmas is a perfect time for compliments and praise For saying all those little things we forget on other days, A...
  13. Claddagh Nails

    Irish Beauty Mag. Well done.

    Just want to say well done to Jackie Mac :) , who appears in the Irish Beauty Mag this month. Congratulations on the success of your "Airbrush Training" and well don to all who have passed. :biggrin:
  14. Claddagh Nails

    US Designer Nail Magazine

    Hi all, Does anyone get the Designer Nail Magazine form the US? I know its nothing to do with Designer Nails (UK), and its mainly all nail art. I ordered one over a month ago now and still not recived it and have e-mailed the company and getting no reply. Any feed back would be great...
  15. Claddagh Nails

    Lost my heart & soul!!!

    Hi Guys Having been posting of late (just 1or2 replies), but check out the site almost every day. :o I have lost heart & soul with being the best nail technician, and can’t find the fight or sprit to get that dream back. :sad: Almost eight months ago I did my last set of nails...
  16. Claddagh Nails

    Vitality on MMA

    After reading so many articles on MMA, which some times can be confusing :confused: . I was thrilled :) to read in Vitality (BABTAC magazine) a article “MMA the truth behind the controversy”. A simple and to the point article written by Doug Schoon MS. I always had an understanding...
  17. Claddagh Nails

    Japanese Nail Art Magazines

    Just wanted to let ye know that if any of ye can get copies of nail art magazines of Japan, they are well worth it. Got four and they are just fab, the art and the details on some of the nails is just unbelievable :p . Even thou the magazines are written in Japanese :confused: , it’s...
  18. Claddagh Nails


    Hi guys, Can anyone give me some details on the one-stop-nail-shop. Do they have a web-site? or can I get their phone number and address from one of ye nice girls? Looking for a really good supplier for the "Creative Nail Desgin" products. Any help would be great. Thanks Bernie
  19. Claddagh Nails

    First Full Set.

    Hi all, Just want to share with you all that I did my very first full set on my own last night. :D They were not perfect :( but the girl I did them for was quite happy with them. She kept telling me "the were great for some one who has just learned (half way through course with creative...
  20. Claddagh Nails

    Newbie & just learning

    Hi all, :oops: New to this board and alsonew to the world of nails. I have just started my Foundation Course with Creative Nails and I am enjoying it very much. :D Was hoping that maybe some one on the board can help me out with some extra notes, advice, tips and mainly the exams. As I...