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  1. michelemacca

    Natural Nail Damage

    Hi everyone, I've not been around the site for a while, and in fact haven't done any nails for a while, so last week I decided i would try and do my own nails as I'd paid to have them done a couple of times and hadn't been happy with the result. Well I did them and was very pleased with the...
  2. michelemacca

    Urgent Assistance Needed!!!

    I have seen a friend today for the first time in ages, she is and always been a really serious nail biter. I am a little concerned cos on one finger she has bitten down near the cuticle at the Eponychium end (hope I got that one right, not used that term since august!!!!) but she's literally...
  3. michelemacca

    Keep An Eye On Your Switch/visa/connect Cards

    I just wanted to warn you ladies after my experience this past couple of days. I ended up in the local walk in centre along with my other half on friday as we were both ill, got home around lunchtime and didn't go out again until i went shopping on saturday lunchtime, which was a feat in...
  4. michelemacca

    Drills on Natural Nails and Cuticles!!!!

    Right ladies, I'm on for a bit of whinge I think. It's my birthday tomorrow and so my other half booked an appointment for me to go and get pampered and have my nails done from a newly opened salon that is "supposed" to be creative!! My only concern was that not only did they use a drill for...
  5. michelemacca

    Can Monomer "go off"???

    This may seem like a silly question but I'm having problems with nails lifting really soon after I have done them. I know it may be because I am getting too close to the cuticle with the product but I was just wondering whether Monomer lasts indefinitely??? The Monomer I am using I bought on...
  6. michelemacca

    Trauma Caused Thro Improper Removal

    Am I right in thinking that if someone has literally "ripped off" their enhancements to a degree where their actual nail bed is sore should I just give them a moisture boost and regular manicures or should I replace the enhancements as a protector but keep them short??? By the way I didn't do...
  7. michelemacca

    Remember my Problem Client

    Most of you may remember my thread from last week in which a lady who I had done a full set on the saturday (30th Oct) rang me on the tuesday and said that two of them had fallen off, you'll remember that I arranged to go back this saturday and replace the two that had "come off" free of charge...
  8. michelemacca


    One of my client's who I did a full set for on Saturday has just rung me to say that two of them have come off, as far as I know the other lady isn't having any problems, one thing i'm not sure of is this. When I did the consultation with her she had a green tinge to every one of her nails, I...
  9. michelemacca


    Jo and I did the Spa Manicure Course in Manchester last Friday and were talking to Julia the Educator about her uniform as it had Creative on it. She said it was the one obtained for Gmex, but that they are obtained from Inline. Is it possible to either buy these or for consideration to be...
  10. michelemacca

    First Clients

    Just thought I'd share with you the fact that I have just returned home after completing two full sets of gorgeous enhancements on my very two very first paying enhancement clients. As you all know a couple of weeks ago I posted a thread in which I thought I had my first clients, one didn't...
  11. michelemacca

    Weekender/Party Nails

    Am I right in thinking that weekender or party nails are just the tips that are applied and blended but without the product being put on over the top??? Thanks guys :eek:
  12. michelemacca


    Well I was talking to the next door neighbour of my best friend the other morning as she was giving us both a lift to work.....it turns out she's a hairdresser on the cruise ships but owns a salon round the corner from where I live. In the old salon they had she said they had a nail...
  13. michelemacca

    I've done it!!!!

    Just thought I'd share the news with you peeps.....I'VE GOT MY FIRST TWO CLIENTS BOOKED WITH A THIRD CONFIRMING ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!! Right now i've got that off my chest I'll go and finish cooking our tea :D xxx
  14. michelemacca

    Thanks Dawn!!!!

    I received my decals today and just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to make them and provide them to those of us who wanted them free of charge (with the proceeds going to Breast Cancer of course) THANKS DAWN! :biggrin:
  15. michelemacca

    Gmex Badge

    Well it's now Saturday and even after two phone calls this week I still haven't received my badge for tomorrow.....they say I will be able to get a replacement tomorrow but we'll see shall we :mad:
  16. michelemacca

    Thank you Jo

    I just wanted to do a sort post to thank Jo for her kind hospitality yesterday afternoon. We had a really good natter and had a great afternoon, can't wait to go to Gmex next week when hopefully we can all meet up at some point and say hi. xxxxx
  17. michelemacca

    My First American Manicure

  18. michelemacca

    Sallys Wholesalers

    I'm a little concerned about some information I was passed today. One of my colleague's in my day job rang me and asked me where I had done my initial training and how much it had cost, so I told her I did it with Creative in Walkden and that it had cost £500. She then said that her mum was...
  19. michelemacca

    Brisa Gel

    Stupid question coming up now. I trained with CND doing P&W with L&P. If I decide I want to do Brisa Gel as well do I have to do another training session or can I just buy it and use it now??? :confused: Thanks girls :biggrin:
  20. michelemacca

    Paying Customers

    This sounds so sad but i've had my first paying client today!!!! :D She's pregnant so I just tidied her cuticles and put handcream on and then painted her nails for her :D