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    Colouring facial hair

    So I’ve had a gent ask if I could help him with colouring his moustache after he’s grown it this month for charity. He’s naturally dark haired although I don’t know how dark his moustache will be when it’s grown! [emoji85] Obviously it’s going to be a bright colour which he wants to put to a...
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    Help with colour

    I have a client who is currently the first pic but wants to go "not so light on the ends". The Guy Tang pic is one of the pics she's sent me as inspiration so I'm just wondering how to go about this. I realise that I will need to balayage some pieces a bit higher up and probably get it pretty...
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    Help with colour

    My client wants to go from the first to the second pic. I don't think it looks overly grey so I'm thinking of putting 8/81 colour touch all over. Will the 8/81 touch the trots though? If not I will need to use a permanent, something along the lines of an 8 base but with an ashy tone. Would...
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    Unhappy client

    Had a new client on Saturday who started out as a base 5 naturally with about couple of inches root growth and the ends were around a 6 with a red tone. She previously had purple box dye on and stripped it out herself prior to consultation. She asked for something like these pics. So quite a...
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    Colour application advice

    I have a client wanting this picture and just wondering what's the best way to apply colour? She is naturally a base 6 with grown out blonde highlights. I'm wondering whether it's possible to apply the colour in one go, by applying the global colour to the roots first then going through and...
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    I bought my Miraki scissors around 10 years ago and thinking about getting a new pair. They're still cutting fine but the finger rest will no longer stay in as I think the threads have worn where you screw it in [emoji17] I've been looking at Miraki again but they're very expensive, I paid...
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    From full head bleach highlights to all over bleach?

    I have a client who I've been full head highlighting for a while, the last couple of times it was just bleach in the foils where as before that there was a couple of darker blondes in there and about 6 months ago it was ombré so there's still a slight band where that has grown out. Now she wants...
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    Ombré extensions

    I have a client who I coloured a couple weeks ago ombré, it's a base 8 at the roots and bleached on the ends. I'm going to be fitting extensions this week, usually I'd just match upto the ends, was wondering if you would do this or buy ombré extensions?
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    Products for itchy scalp?

    Can anyone recommend any shampoos for sensitive/itchy scalp. It's for myself, I usually use Tigi Bedhead and have done for ages. Usually colour goddess. My hair is quite fine and gets greasy quite quickly and then gets really itchy. Had a look in my wholesales who stock a limited about of Tigi...
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    Micro ring maintenance

    Have one booked in a couple of weeks which I fitted 4/5 weeks ago. Have only done nano ring maintenance as yet and I've pretty much needed to take them all out and resection. I was taught to only move up every other row and any that are slipping/matting, etc so I'm hoping to just be able to do...
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    Root Stretch

    I have yet to do one yet, have done lots of Balayage and ombré but have a root stretch booked in for Saturday so I'm just wondering how you all do yours? Client had outgrown highlights already, of bleach and a couple darker blondes and her natural colour is quite an ashy 7/8. I'm thinking of...
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    Leyton House Alpine Lightener

    Just wondering if anyone has used this before? I have a client booked in who usually has this on her hair. I normally use Wella so don't really want to buy another lightener just for this client. From what I've read the difference is that it's ammonia free?
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    Toning down home bleached hair

    Ok so I have a client this week who last week pre-lightened her hair then put a platinum blonde colour over to tone it. Obviously there are white parts and more yellows parts and her hair is glowing! She likes it blonde all over, but wants it toning down. Any ideas on which toner to use, or I'm...
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    Fishtails with extensions?

    I have a bride who I'm trialling next week. She is wanting pigtail fishtails, like this photo, but she also has so extensions that she wants in to thicken them up. Firstly, has anybody got any tips on how to do these fishtail plaits? I've you tubed and the ones I've found when I follow the...
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    Hair feathers

    Not proper hair feathers...but I've bought some coloured and 'feather' hair extensions (synthetic) to do at my sons summer gala next weekend. I'm just wondering how much to charge for them singularly/a set of however many? I'm not making anything for myself just raising money for the school, I...
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    Copper colour on resistant hair

    EAn older client is wanting to go a coppery colour. She was having 10/0 (Wella kp) a couple months ago which was covering the majority but still some greys coming through although it looked ok with it being so light. Last time she wanting to go warmer so I used - mix of 99/0 (to cover as much...
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    Big barrel tongs

    I'm thinking that I need to get some big barrel tongs so was wondering which ones you'd recommend? I usually use straighteners to curl but I'm wanting to get slightly bigger waves for longer hair? Would tongs be better or a wand? I've not used a wand since I was in a salon over 5 years ago so...
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    Another name topic!

    I'm a mobile hairdresser and have advertised under the name 'Hair by Kelly' for 4 years now. Having just completed my hair extension course yesterday I feel I need a bit of a revamp and change my name which I fear when read appeals to mainly older ladies! I am not very good at thinking up name...
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    Children's school summer fayre

    Sorry bit of a strange topic! I'm helping out with my sons school summer fayre this year and I've been thinking if there's anything I could do with my services to help raise money. I'm doing a hair extension course next week so was wondering about doing just the feather/coloured/glitter hair...
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    How to do this ombré

    What would be the best way to do this ombré? My client is around a base 4 coloured and she needs the roots doing because of her grey. I can't decide what technique to use, any ideas? Thanks