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    Do flabelos plates make money?

    Sorry do they make money ? Am i best renting them ? What sort off offers can i offer ? And at what price many thanks.
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    Do flabelos plates make money?

    Hi all Im look to add a couple of flabelos plates to a busy tanning salon. Is this a good idea ?? Many thanks 😀
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    Looking to rent out nail station/beauty room

    Help needed Im interested in renting out my nail station/ beauty room in a busy tanning salon in liverpool l9. Would it be best to rent together or separate ? On what price am i looking at? And what d
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    Spray tanning course in Liverpool

    Hi im looking to do a spray tanning course. Just wondering how long it will take to complete and if there is any around the fazakerley area ? Thanks
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    Looking to invest in a sunbed shop!

    Thanks very much, its already established previous own been up and running for 4 years. How often do the tubes need changing? She has the price set at £1 for 3 minuets.
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    Looking to invest in a sunbed shop!

    Hi any advice would be great, I'm looking to take over a sunbed shop in liverpool. But dont really now the ins and outs. I.E insurance, prices, best creams to stock eg. only ever been a customer !! And dont want to commit without researching first thats.