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  1. mrslargelashes

    Waxperts conversion

    I've been qualified in waxing for just over 9 years. I currently use PhD wax. I'm not trained in intimate waxing just standard bikini line and at college we only touched on hot wax. Does anyone know if the conversion is suitable? And is intimate waxing covered on the conversion? Thanks
  2. mrslargelashes

    CND course advice?

    hi all, I've been in the industry over ten years now. I am salon based but due to being flooded recently I've been looking at changing paths. They think my salon could take up to a year for repairs due to insurance dragging their heels etc. so I'm looking at renovating my summer house and...
  3. mrslargelashes

    So what's the verdict on the new spring Shellac colours?

    as the title suggests? Verdicts?? I'm interested to see more of the green and the brighter pink and purples colour. Not overly impressed with the others....yet. I haven't seen pops yet.
  4. mrslargelashes

    Giving up salon to work in log cabin

    Hi all, I've had my salon for 3 years and tbh I'm exhausted. I had baby no.3 in April and went back to work part time after 5 weeks off. I'm sick of slogging my guts out to struggle every month at bill week and my therapist making more of a wage than me. I previously worked from my log cabin...
  5. mrslargelashes

    Really annoyed at the CND and TK Maxx situation

    I had a client come into me today who has bought a large bottle of solar oil from tk maxx for 4.99!! Baring in mind I retail her the pinkies for £3!!!!! I was mortified. How can tk maxx get it and sell it so cheaply yet us the loyal Cnd professionals can't?!!!!
  6. mrslargelashes

    Fake Bake users advice please

    Hi geeks, I currently use la tan but I am introducing a luxury tan which will be fake bake. The rep is coming out next week to show me the products and solutions. The minimum start up order is £250 what do you recommend I get with the first order? What solutions and what retail? At the...
  7. mrslargelashes

    LA Tan 14% different and Fake Bake question

    Hi geeks, I use la tan but with my newer bottles of the 14% disco tan I'm finding its lighter than before. Is anyone else finding this? I'm having to use booster drops to get it to turn the same colour on me as it did before. Maybe it's just my skin?? I'm also looking at getting in a more...
  8. mrslargelashes

    Hi brows

    I know this has probably been asked before but the search engine just keeps bringing up hd brow threads. I have been tinting,waxing & shaping eyebrows for nearly a decade. I added threading just over 2 years ago. I am looking at doing the hi brow course with my junior. Has anyone done this...
  9. mrslargelashes

    La tan 14% disco

    Can someone please tell me the difference between la tan 14% cocktail and 14% disco??? Thanks.
  10. mrslargelashes

    Salon owners-make up to retail?

    Hi all, I am doing a bit of research into make up ranges. I'm looking for advice from salon owners that retail make up. What brand do you use? What was the estimated start up cost? What size is your salon? Does the make up sell well? Was your investment worth with? Any advice welcome. All I...
  11. mrslargelashes

    Client with Shellac chipping issues, advice needed

    Hi ladies, I am needing some advce regarding a Shellac client I have. I did her nails on Friday, and she has text me today to say they have chipped (again). I have had problems with this clients nails from the beginning, they are dry and some are ridged. Pre-Brisa Lite I had tried Shellac...
  12. mrslargelashes

    Geek help needed ASAP, Calgel & Shellac advice

    Hi geeks, I have a last minute appointment from a new client this afternoon at 3pm. She usually travels quite a distance to get her nails maintained, she has asked me to help her out to save her waiting 2 weeks until her next appointment. Currently her nails are overlaid with coloured...
  13. mrslargelashes

    Advice on which new Shellac colours to purchase

    Hi everyone, I'm just about to go onto SS to order some Twinkle additives (the pewter one I think), and wondered what other Shellac colors I should add to my collection. I am looking for a nice nude/light colour, and open to other suggestions. I already have: hotschke moonlight and...
  14. mrslargelashes

    Salon owners- advice please

    To all the salon owners out there, do you have any advice for me? I currently work mobile and homebased with a good client base. At the minute I only work nights and weekends since having my youngest daughter. I have been in the industry just over 7 years, and took a break while having the...
  15. mrslargelashes

    Has anyone bought any of the Eve Taylor starter kits?

    Has any fellow Geeks bought the ET starter kits? Not the mobile one but the retail and professional one? I am just a solo therapist, but use ET and looking to retail, so for those who have bought them, was it worth it? Or should I just price everything I need seperately? And just get what I...
  16. mrslargelashes

    Is Hot Stone Massage yey or ney?

    Hi Geeks, who all does hot stones? Is it a popular treatment, or has it had its day? How much approx. do you charge? How does thaty compare to your regular massage prices? I am considering training in hot stones, so any help would be appreciated, thanks x
  17. mrslargelashes

    Did you have young children when you first started your business?

    I started my business in August after a 2 year break from the industry. I have 2 young children (7yrs and 1yr). I do 21 hours a week, I am a mobile and homebased beauty therapist. My client base is growing steadily, at Christmas I was working 11 hour days, compared to November when I was only...
  18. mrslargelashes

    Putting prices down?

  19. mrslargelashes

    Are full manicures a popular treatment with you?

    Hi geeks, I keep thorough records of everything, including a record of what treatments clients are spending on. Looking back since I started in August, I haven't done 1 full manicure!!! And only 3 full pedi's!!! My express versions are extremley popular, so is nail wraps and gel polish. I just...
  20. mrslargelashes

    Where to buy party lashes in bulk?

    Hi Geeks, I am getting loads of bookings for December for party lashes for work night's out and proms. At the moment I buy Salon Systems bulb free lashes from Beauty Express. Is there anywhere I can buy them in bulk or even in bigger quantities? The ones I get just come in small boxes, I could...