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  1. mrslargelashes

    Ink London is a good affordable gel brand. It’s made in the EU and they do starter kits...

    Ink London is a good affordable gel brand. It’s made in the EU and they do starter kits including the lamp. I stock it and Cnd shellac. Whatever brand you go for make sure you purchase the correct lamp to fully cure your chosen gel.
  2. mrslargelashes

    Beauty shows UK/Glasgow?

    The Scottish beauty show is at the secc in Glasgow this year and it’s going to be have bigger exhibitors this year than it has in previous years. The likes of gelish are going this year. X
  3. mrslargelashes

    How much do you earn from beauty?

    I’ve been in the industry over a decade now and have been in various positions, full time , part time, salon, mobile. I’ve now finished having my family (4 kids) and work 2 days a week, sometimes more when I can or if I have make up bookings. I earn around £200 a week on average after expenses...
  4. mrslargelashes

    Taking on staff

    I used to have a salon and Employ (Beauty), and I have friends with hairdressing salons who have got freelance self employed stylists who pay a chair rent now rather than employing as it was a nightmare. All the new pension rules, insurances, and staff feeling like they work harder than the...
  5. mrslargelashes

    What hours do you work when part time?

    At the minute I’m doing a mixture of mobile and home based work and only do Thursday and Friday and the odd Wednesday evening. I only work Saturdays when I do freelance make up for weddings or events. I have 4 kids. I drop my 2 older ones off at school in the morning collect them and meet my...
  6. mrslargelashes

    Mobile therapist and pregnancy

    I stopped doing mobile treatments that involved my bed after about 20 weeks as it was killing my back. Luckily I had a summer house I could work from up until I was 38 weeks pregnant. I did take 9 months off in my last pregnancy but kept in constant contact with clients to reassure them I would...
  7. mrslargelashes

    Home vs salon?

    I was in the exact same position as you. I went from small busy salon with staff to working from home (log cabin) due to family commitments. It was the best thing I ever did. I went on to have another baby, my stress levels dropped and I was able to work less yet earn more money. I also felt I...
  8. mrslargelashes

    Ink London, iLac colours

    i89, i21,i108,i122 & i66 are all popular with my clients.
  9. mrslargelashes

    Hard gel nail brands

    I use ink ijel. I flash cure before fully curing to avoid heat spike. X
  10. mrslargelashes

    Do you still offer nail varnish?

    I'm not adding anymore to my vinylux collection and getting xlac for those that request polish instead. I have removed luxury manicures and pedicures from my list as the products were just gathering dust on my shelfs. I did do a big marketing push for luxury pedicures last summer but not one...
  11. mrslargelashes

    Hard gel nail brands

    I currently use CND brisk or INK ijel. I plan to try inks new hard gel jelly pro too xx
  12. mrslargelashes

    Twinkle toes using different sized glitter

    Yes I have. It makes the application very thick. I applied into uncured soak off gel, patted down, cleaned up the edges with an orangewood stick and cured. I then applied another layer off soak off gel to the top then top coated. I don't feel it lasted as long as normal rockstar toes due to the...
  13. mrslargelashes

    What to do with salon while on maternity?

    I commented on this thread when it first started , I can update you all with my experience since then . I had my son in April 2015. I had a salon, 2 self employed ladies who ran their businesses from my salon and 1 employee who worked for me part time while I was off. I took 5 weeks off then had...
  14. mrslargelashes

    Can't stop spending

    Glitter is my weakness. [emoji85]
  15. mrslargelashes

    Most popular nail shape?

    I work mostly on natural nails and do a lot of rounded, almond on longer nails and squoval x
  16. mrslargelashes

    Most popular treatment?

    Gel manicures and eyebrows are the most popular for me x
  17. mrslargelashes

    Ink London help

    I agree with the above, make sure you are using inks own dehydrator. You could try 007 sparingly or the air dry bonder xx
  18. mrslargelashes

    Alternative to Brisa Smoothing Gel?

    I used to use brisa lite smoothing until it was discontinued, I now use ink fortify xx
  19. mrslargelashes

    New pregnancy thread

    Nausea and sickness has kicked in for me big style. It's awful I had to cancel all my clients last week, so not only was I sick, I was skint too. I told them all it was a bug. I hope the sickness settles down soon xx
  20. mrslargelashes

    New pregnancy thread

    I'm only around 6 weeks so have a while to go. Just found out last week! It's no.4 for me, I will have 2 under 2 so a bit nervous about the close age gap. Oh no what's up with your kidneys? Will that affect your birth or anything? X