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  1. SthrnComfort


    Has anyone used this brand at all? Or know anything about it? Any info would be appreciated, thanks :)
  2. SthrnComfort

    Water/aquarium/aqua nails

    Does anyone know where I can find a tutorial of these nails that are actually being done on a real person? Would be much appreciated. Thanks :)
  3. SthrnComfort

    One Brush - Two Monomers

    Quick question: I have only used Retention with my brush but have been given some a sample pack of product from INM that I'd like to try out. Can I use the same brush in two different liquids? I can't afford to get a new brush at the moment. I think I read on here quite some time ago that it...
  4. SthrnComfort

    INM mix ratio

    I have been sent a trial kit of INM and just wondering what the mix ratio would be. I have only used CND in the past and have always used the 'going going gone' saying...does anyone used that? lol So just wondering if INM is used the same or dryer or wetter. I have tried it wetter as someone...
  5. SthrnComfort

    Zone 2/3 going white

    Hi all, I have a client who I use Perfect Pink (CND) in zones 2 and 3 and they have started to go white. (or cloudy looking) Any ideas what can cause this? My prep hasn't changed and its only the one client this happens with. This has happened a few times with her. And this time there is...
  6. SthrnComfort

    Pink & Blue Nails

    Here's a pic of my friends nails. She picked the colours .... lol i said afterwards they remind me of the circus hehe Anyway, it was a new way of doing a design for me....idea given to me by grafxgal, although her idea was a lot classier! Well, just thought I'd post on here :)...
  7. SthrnComfort

    Rebalancing Coloured Tips

    Hi all, I am wondering when you have a person come in for a rebalance of their coloured tips (not the premade coloured tips, but sculpted L&P, or gel, tips) and they wish for a new colour, what is your process? Do you just put the new colour on top and then you can see the old colour...
  8. SthrnComfort


    I'm sorry if this has been asked before (which I'm sure it has), but I did try searching but wasn't successful...and I will say now, it is probably the way I searched! What I am wanting to know is how to avoid the shadow that can sometimes appear on the smile line. It doesnt happen with all my...
  9. SthrnComfort

    First full set on myself

    This is the first full set I have done on myself. Completed (as took me a couple days lol) 2 nights ago. I definatley do better work on a client. I struggled with my right hand (being right handed), but took a tip off here and did that hand first! They are all sculpted except one finger...dont...
  10. SthrnComfort

    Flat Nails

    Ok,,,so i've done a bit of searching on here and done a bit of reading on flat nails. Most of the info I can find is to do wit a new set of enhancements. While i can get a new set looking good, sometimes i find that after awhile (couple months or more) after the clients nails start growing out...
  11. SthrnComfort

    Gel & Nail Polish Remover

    I did a rebalance today on a friend with Brisa Gel. She just phoned me with a query. She was taking nail polish off her daughters nails using NON acetone remover.....and it affected her own (gel) nails.! She says the surface feels funny now. She describes it as being like putting on nail polish...
  12. SthrnComfort

    Creative Brisa not 'acrylic'?

    Hello All, I use Creative,,,and a Creative Educator told me that Brisa Gel is the only gel around that is NOT acylic! What are you views/knowledge on this?
  13. SthrnComfort

    Brisa UV Finishing Gloss

    Hello All, I am just wondering if the clear gel and be used in place of the UV finishing gloss? I have just seen someone advertise the clear gel as being able "to use it on top to make them shine"... So I guess I'm now wondering what the difference is between these two products. At guess I...
  14. SthrnComfort


    Hi all, Just wondering what grit abrasives you use and for which step? The beauty supplies place here where I live supplies grits that I've never used and was told not to use! So I have to order them and have the sent to me. So just curious what you are using. Oh, I was sent a sample file from...
  15. SthrnComfort

    Enhancements to Manicure

    Hello All :) I'm am wondering what other nail tech's aims are for a long term client who receives nail enhancements, as I have read the odd post in the past. Is it your aim to have someone with short nails to grow their natural nails to a nice lengh and then 'convert' them to having...
  16. SthrnComfort

    Press and Pull Technique

    Hello, I have seen some people talking about press and pull technique and they mention seeing the method described on here. I cant seem to find it anywhere. If someone knows, can they please give me the link? Thanks in advance :)
  17. SthrnComfort

    ScrubFresh - What do you use?

    I'm trained in CND and obviously I use ScrubFresh. I'm just wondering what other techs use when they use a different brand at this point instead of ScrubFresh.
  18. SthrnComfort

    Reverse Technique

    Hi all, Could someone please tell me what reverse technique is? I have searched on here but haven't really found anything that actually explains or demo's it. Maybe I just couldn't see it. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance, Wendy
  19. SthrnComfort

    I have bought some pressed flowers

    and now for the life of me I can't find the right thread :cry: I saw some nails on here not long ago that had pressed flowers on them and thought they looked so pretty, that I bought some. I am not too sure how to apply them so was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction on...
  20. SthrnComfort

    Nail Tech needed in Wellington NZ

    I have a client who is moving to Wellington and she would like to continue having her nails done. So I'm here looking for a new tech for her. She would like to find someone who doesnt use electric drills. I have had really cheap prices due to the fact that I had been training (now qualified)...