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  1. Julzz_

    Returning to spray tanning

    Hi, I've taken some time away from spray tanning and have moved to a new area. I would like to start up again but was wondering how popular it is? How many clients do you spray each week and what area are you in??
  2. Julzz_

    Advice on spray tan equipment

    Hi What is the best spray tan gun/machine on the market?
  3. Julzz_

    Help with setting up spray gun

    Hi I am having trouble setting up my spray gun, the box it come in says Aura and the machine itself says fresh innovations. It's the nozzle part giving me problems, I have played with the nozzle but either get dark colour spray out or it locks altogether. Any ideas?
  4. Julzz_

    Spray tan model needed for Ealing area

    Hi, I have just become accredited in spray tanning and need models to practice on before I start charging people. I am based in the Ealing area. Obviously I won't charge I just need the practice. Please message me if you would like a free tan. I can come to you or you can come to me if you...