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    "Sugaring" heading, you have hair, nails, waxing?

    Come on Salon Geek its 2020

    Beware of online booking companies

    Hi all, we don't use this much but I would like to warn anyone using xxxxx. We are just a listing but today someone booked us. This meant the client was given false information, the client paid Wahanda for a service not available and it cost us time sorting it out. The company fixed it and...

    Warning for online booking sites

    We have used a USA company for over a year but after increasing issues i.e. cancellation policy kept vanishing and other issues we have deleted the account but the main lesson learnt is most people just go on that site to book, they dont go to your actual website so on checking google analytics...

    Wanted someone to do a male full body wax in london next week

    Hi a friend of mine needs someone qualified, IN LONDON or if they can get to London to do a full male body wax with wax, early evening, please get in touch with me I will give you all the details you need .........do not message on here please as hardly use salongeek, thank you. 07772 700232 or...

    get in touch please all sugaring therapists in london and surrounding areas

    Hi, can anyone please get in touch with any info regarding where soneone may go for sugaring in the Sutton area, or north or sough london considered, also Ipswich area. got clients for anyone who responds, thank you.