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    Colour help

    Hi, What would you recommend to achieve this colour? client is base level 6/7 with a lot of natural red, also about 20% scattered greys all over, Fine, wavy hair but good strength, Due to box dyes we’re doing a colour remover, and I was going to do small amount of bleach Baliage but not loads...
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    Hair extensions

    Hi, I qualified as a hairdresser some 19 years ago! And I’m currently mobile (in UK) i do the usual colour, highlights and cuts, for all, men, women kids, I’m looking to add to my abilities and wondered what you’d suggest? was originally looking at a head massage course, but wondered about...
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    Head massage

    Hi I am currently a mobile hairdresser in the U.K., and want to offer a type of head and/or face massage, What would you recommend? Indian head massage, Thai massage Scalp massage or does anyone just give a head massage without a specific qualification? Is that allowed? And where would anyone...
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    Colour doesn’t last

    Hi, sorry for the essay- Looking to find out why my clients hair colour changes so much in between colour services and what I can do to stop that? I have been doing my clients hair for 19 years, I’m the only one to ever colour her hair, apart from a box dye during lockdown, She’s natural base...
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    NXT colours

    So client is base level 5/6, she’s only ever had a root tint of similar colour to cover greys, which are mostly on her parting (about 80%) but at the back and sides hardly any grey. During lockdown she used a box dye 5/0 first time, then 6/0 2nd time, but wanted to go lighter, to about an 8, I...
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    I’ve always used wella Blondor when using bleach and always been worried about hair condition, then a manager at my wholesalers suggested I use Lisap light scale, white powder, I love this now and hardly ever use blondor, now i’m struggling to find a wholesalers who sell it, (one I used to go to...