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    Fresha vs Treatwell

    Hi, Just wondering what everyone thinks of both of these booking systems. I am currently with treatwell as I never heard of the other one until just recently. I'm paying monthly for treatwell but I've only got maybe 3 customers from them in the last 2 months and they are not very good in...
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    Help, I literally can’t find clients!

    Same... Ive only been open for 2 weeks though and its not in a place where I get walk ins- So im constantly advertising on facebook and instagram. I can see people are seeing it though as I get notifications that I have had visitors to my website, but not getting any appointments. Its difficult...
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    Please help, salon vs room vs wait?

    Thank you Roses are, all helpful to me. Good to hear you did the same thing and it was successful. I'm looking forward to it. Just during these times it's even more scary as we don't know what's going on in the world xx
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    Please help, salon vs room vs wait?

    Thank you for replying. Yes I do also have a little side job that I do from home so I would always have a little something coming in so would not solely be relying on the business income. I have all that I need to set up. Have all the equipment as I was mobile but then stopped as I went back...
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    Please help, salon vs room vs wait?

    Please help, I would love to rent a salon or room to offer my services as I do not have a room at home to set it up. I have been looking around and everywhere has pros and cons. I would be starting from scratch in getting clients so I was thinking would it better to rent someone's room who...
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    Unprofessional massage teacher and course

    I'm in the process now of writing an email to abt now. Thank you all :)
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    Unprofessional massage teacher and course

    Exactly what you have explained is what I thought it would of involved. She emailed me a whole load of work which I found many spelling errors. There was some work to be done which I did. When I got there I asked if she wanted it, she was like no its for me. But I'm thinking don't you need to...
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    Unprofessional massage teacher and course

    It was suppose to be, with abt... I was actually thinking of contacting abt to speak to them about her and her way of teaching.
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    Unprofessional massage teacher and course

    Well I am a trainee beauty therapist and qualified in nails. I applied for a day massage course to add to my home services. It was advertised 10am till 4:30pm. I know day time courses are not the best but thought for an intensive day it would give me the confidence and knowledge to provide a...
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    Facial & skincare course

    I first started off doing a Diploma in Nails from home. I did have to a lot of practical and some a+p coursework which had to be sent off to be marked. It was no day course. I completed it within a year and passed with a Credit. I then got my insurance through Professionals Beauty Direct. I set...