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    Lifting problem with gel nails

    I have a client whose gel polish seems to always lift off early (within a week). I always remove cuticles, remove shine, sanitise with cleanser on lint free wipes, dehydrate with prep fluid and cap off each coat. I can tell she’s not a biter. I’m always careful not to get anything on her skin...
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    My next extensions

    I've got Beauty Works extensions in atm but have had a lot of problems and I would prefer not to have Beauty Works again. Thanks to advice from on here I've managed to get them back into okay condition but I'm probably going to have to get them removed or replaced in the next month or so. Which...
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    Hair extensions aftercare or quality problem?

    I had Beauty Works 18 inch weft extensions fitted 3 weeks ago. They were amazing for 2 weeks but I'm having some problems now with breakage and the hair is starting to look strange. The hair feels very dry and without frequent brushing it has started to look like ropes. It's tangling easily and...