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    Blondeme gone yellow

    Hey everyone.....i messed up! Thought i would try blondeme on my own hair. It looked like i had achieved colour when i checked a strand after 30 mins. However when i washed it off i have got this yellow orangeness. I used the cool bleach and tone in the mix so hoped that would get rid of it cos...
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    Favourite forms

    Hi everyone, I was wondering what your favourite sculpting forms are. I trained with nail harmony and their forms have got line guides on them. Recently switched to nsi platinum forms and there isn't many markers. Finding it more difficult to get even application by eye. Any suggestions? Reason...
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    NSI cover pink

    Hi ladies, going to be spending some pennies at the nsi vat free this weekend. Can you help me, and let me know your favourite cover pink acrylic that nsi do, with pictures if possible x
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    Practice hand

    I know this is almost a stupid question but I have got a practice hand it's literally just a rubbery hand not like the nail trainer one. I want to scuplt onto it but how do you do it without the acrylic getting stuck? Will it just pull off cos of the surface. I really want to use it for...
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    NSI technail acrylic?

    Does anyone use these. I just tried using opal shimmer for glitter tips but it was quite cakey. Does it need to be a very wet bead? Cheers
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    Is it me or clients?

    Hey I havent been qualified in acrylic long and only have a few clients so struggling to get much practice in. But the clients I have had seem to have problems with nails breaking or pinging, no one has managed to last to the infills without something happens. I would say that it's me doing...
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    Feeling uncomfortable in client's house

    I recently started out with nails and have been working mobile. I have had 5 new clients and 2 of them I have at times felt a little uncomfortable. It seems to be the two houses in the 'rough' areas. I'm not too bothered about the area specially and the ladies are lovely but it's their blokes...
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    Holistic forum

    Hi guys Does anyone know of a forum for holistic therapies? I Google it but couldn't see a professional one xx
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    Clients acrylic popped off

    This clients acrylic popped straight off, I did extended nail bed on her. I am going to go back and re-do for free. I'm thinking I was a bit ambitious with the length since her natural nails are bitten to nothing. Could this be why? Prep everything fine as normal. I use nail harmony products and...
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    Pre made mask or mix your own

    I'm just looking at facial skincare brands and the masks I'm wondering what peoples opinions are of mixing your own with fullers earth etc. I'm qualified in aroma so was thinking of mixing my own with a drop of essential oil for a proper prescription mask. Do you think I will get better results...
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    Can anyone reccomend a black pigment to use in acrylic. Do i mix it 50/50 with my clear acrylic powder? I'm guessing it won't provide strength so I just need to put a thin layer on?? X
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    Want more customers!

    I know I haven't exhausted every avenue yet, thanks for the building your customers massive link but I am just getting back into beauty and got so much passion but I currently only have had 2 customer that arent a friend/family. I just want to stop people in the street and beg them to get their...
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    Dry skin waxing

    Hi ladies, I have dry skin on my face and on a couple of occasions when either me or someone else does my brows I get grazing in the same spot. Would some pre wax oil help this? X
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    Gel polish lifting on acrylic

    When I apply gel polish to natural nails I don't have a problem but on acrylic I seem to lose the capped edge easy leaving them more vulnerable and sometimes peeling and lifting after this. Has anyone else encountered this problem? X
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    Will this work?

    I am wanting to do acrylic with a black background, with gold leaf on. I was thinking of doing gel polish on top of acrylic curing and finishing then adding the gold leaf into a layer of soakable hard gel? What do you think?? X
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    Contra indications - refresh me!

    It has just gone clean out of my head, diabetic pedicure can I do my normal routine just being careful not to take too much skin off the heels etc. Also paraffin wax, is there any contraindications to this apart from cuts, infectious stuff. I mean non visual stuff like high blood pressure. I...
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    Best gloves for smaller hands?

    I have small hands and want some really skin tight gloves. Can you recommend any particular material or brand x
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    Best gloves

    Hi everyone, I think I am going to start wearing gloves while doing extensions to help protect myself from over exposure. I have quite small hands and want the gloves to be skin tight to make it easier. Not sure which material would be best, any suggestions please ladies x
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    What would you do with my hair!

    Hi ladies, can you hairdressers suggest a cut/style/colour to suit please. Basically I really like my dark red coloured hair but in a moment of hormonal madness I begged my hairdresser to just bleach it all. It looked terrible and now I am in the process of growing it out. I have got 5/6 inches...
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    Burnt eye brow

    It seems like I have burnt my eye brow while waxing the other day. I haven't waxed for a while but I didn't think it was too hot. I tested it on the inside of my wrist, and my other eye brow and upper lip are fine?? Any ideas? X