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    Room rental rate advice?

    Hi folks, Would really appreciate your input on how much you charge or pay for daily room rental for botox/fillers? I am setting up a salon in Derbyshire village surrounded by affluent areas and will be looking for someone to fill a botox room but need help with room rental as it's very...
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    Helping costing a new salon set up!

    Hi everyone. Right, I am currently looking at setting up a salon premises as I am currently freelance. I am looking at different buildings so ignoring the actually cost of premises can you all please throw some figures at me for general running costs please? Based on 4-5 hair stations 1-2...
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    Opinions on IQ product range

    I’m a mobile hair stylist and want to start focusing more on retail sales when I start work again than I have in the past, I want a mid range product that does achieve results that clients will want to buy after I have used it whilst working. Just wondered if IQ is any good. I buy from Capital...