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    Elim or Footlogix?

    Looking to train in a specialist pedi it’s brand over winter... which do you think Is best? Thanks :)
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    Bio Sculpture Evo feedback

    Hey All, Thinking of swapping from TGB to Evo, I can't seem to find anything about it being Hema free? But, I kind of gather it is? Has anyone else made the swap? I'm slightly concerned about the small colour range but saying that clients will pick from what you have so I think it'll be ok...
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    Online training recommendations for hair and nails?

    Hey Everyone, hope you're coping at this difficult time. I work for a training provider and we are having to try and train remotely I'm currently looking for more online courses and training and wondered if you lovely people could recommend anything? Thanks so much (hope this post is allowed)
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    Hair extensions tape - Oakley academy

    Has anyone used Oakley academy, they often come up in searches and wondered if they were ok?
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    Colours from client's home?

    Hey everyone, if people ask you to do their colours at home how do you rinse them off? Just over a bath? Or is there some magic invention I could use (that actually works?) I tend to not do colours at home as I don't like washing them off over a bath but have so many enquiries I guess I...
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    Acrylic systems

    Hey lovelies I've been using Calgel for 2 years now and always shy away from extensions because I just don't feel they are strong enough... I've had loads of people ask if I do acrylics so am considering a course.... I just wanted to know from Acrylic techs are there any systems you would...
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    Vegan colours and bleach?

    I’ve always used Wella, I completed their master colour program and have always been 100% loyal, however now I’ve been vegan I can’t keep using them and am looking for recommendations.... I am self employed so changing the whole salon isn’t going to happen and using stuff like Aveda as I’m...
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    Vegan acrylic?

    Are any vegan acrylic brands? TIA
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    Gel extension help please

    Hey Everyone I've been qualified with Calgel for 18 months now and more than happy with my overlays; However lots of my clients want extensions and I've started to do them on a few friends and myself, I've using tips and the IZ gel and then even tried another brand of tips and an ASP hard gel...
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    That perfect line

    Hi All I recently completed my calgel course and I'm doing pretty well and have done a couple of sets of extensions quite a few overlays and have a really busy weekend ahead! Woo!! My question is how do you get that perfect line around the cuticle and side walls? I am studying lots of nails...
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    Male beauty business

    Hi Everyone My salon has recently opened and is quite gender neutral, beauty is booming and we're really busy all the time but mainly with ladies, does anyone else get many guys in for beauty treatments? Do you think its worth advertising special treatments aimed at men? Thanks in advance