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    What do I need to buy with nail trainer?

    I want to buy a second hand nail trainer and seen some on ebay that might be worth bidding on. I only want it to practise painting on. So, apart from the hand and instructions what else do I need to get with it? Some have nails, tips, glue and some other bits and pieces.
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    Toma Mood Changing Polish

    I have two polishes that are supposed to be mood changing except that they don't seem to work. I used top coat the first time I used it but didn't this second time and it has made no difference.
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    Solar Drench Manicure - please explain

    Read instructions for solar drench manicure and am following through products with my ellisons book because I'm thinking of trying it. Have some questions because I don't know the products. This is a quick manicure 30 mins, right? <UL type=disc><LI class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt...
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    How much do you charge?

    I am trying to work out a price list for my manicures and as I'm using quite a few creative products eg solar oil the cost of products has gone up and my profit down! I'm wondering how to adjust my prices. Or do you use solar only for luxury manicures or alternatively for the worst cases with...
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    Cuticle oil for those with nut allergies

    Have bought solar oil on everyone's recommendation and am using it quite happily. Problem: one of my friends has a son with such a severe nut allergy that products with nut oil in cause an allergic reaction eg suncreams can. He can also be affected if he touches a table for instance where...
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    Solar oil or almond oil?

    Does anyone use almond oil instead of solar oil? How does it compare? Or does anyone use anything different?
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    Creative products

    Where do you buy them from - is there a catalogue, website, etc
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    Rough skin round nails

    Another novice question I'm afraid for myself. Around my nails the skin gets very hard. I had a professional manicure a couple of months ago so I could watch someone deal with it and she used her cuticle nippers to take away all the bits that stick out and she cut away all the hard bits too...
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    Filing nails

    I am a nail novice here and have realised from looking at the site that this is an important area and I haven't mastered it. I am at college and we use emery boards to file. I can't get the hang of them and end up filing nails quite a way down and still leaving very ragged edges. I have to use...