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  1. J

    Raffle Supporter Question

    Am I missing something? I have noticed that when some people post they have a little line that says "RAFLLE SUPPORTER" and some ribbons. I assume this means that they have purchased tickets. I have tickets too.....how do I get this on my posts?
  2. J

    Has anyone heard of .....?

    Has anyone heard of BSY Group? They offer home learn courses for Beauticians and are associated with BABTAC. You have to do a day of practical assesment with them to get your qualification (A BSY Diploma which entitles you to use certain letters after your name). My friend is adamant that she...
  3. J

    Problem with local salon!

    I have been a mobile nail technician for just over a month and have recently had a couple of people call to cancel their appointments. When I asked if they would like to rebook for another time they said that they would rather not as a local nail salon said my prices were so low that I was...