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    Gel top coat for acrylics

    Hiya I wanted to know what everyone uses for top coat on top of nail polish. Some of my ladies who have acrylics want normal nail polish, and as we know it takes ages to dry.
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    How much do you charge for CND Additives?

    Hi all What do you all charge for additives? I'm currently charging £5 on top of CND Shellac. They are non-movers in my salon, I've actually stopped buying them now. Am I charging too much?
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    Which path to take?

    Hi geeks I'm in a bit of a dilemma even though I think I know which path I want to take. I left work last year June, prior to that I was working full time and doing nails in evenings & weekends to build up clientele. When I left work I only had 3-4 regular clients, which built up during the...
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    Massage start up costs

    Hi geeks I'm looking into introducing massage alongside my nail salon. I wanted to know roughly what the start up costs are, including training. Thanks
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    Waxing start up cost

    Hi geeks I'm looking to start waxing, to introduce to my existing nail salon. I wanted to know what are the rough start up costs including, training & equipment. Thanks
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    Massage courses

    Hi ladies I have my own home salon I do nails only, I've had interest with clients asking for massage. Can anyone recommend massage course? I'm in Berkshire. Thanks
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    Princess parties

    Hi all I've put together a package for Princess parties. Min 4 max 8 girls. Birthday girl is free Tiara & sash for birthday girl File & polish with nail art Hand massage Goody bags Pink bubbles (pink fizzy drink) in disposable champagne flutes Colouring competition designing nail art on a...
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    Long stiletto nail tips

    Hi all Can anyone tell me where I can get the long stiletto nail tips that people use in their video tutorials? Or do you just file the normal square ones to a stiletto shape?
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    Sugaring nail art

    Hi geeks I've seen some pictures of this effect it looks awesome. Can't find anything on YouTube or google to see how it's done. Anyone know how to do it?
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    Brisa smoothing gel and Shellac

    Hi geeks I wear Brisa smoothing gel under my shellac for a little strength under my shellac. They peel after a week. I did the same for my sister who's going on holiday tomorrow and all her nails have peeled today. That's a day after I did it. What am I doing wrong?
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    Vinylux for retail

    Hi all For those of you who retail Vinylux do you order all the colours at once or order as you get customers who want to buy them? I don't get many retail customers, so I order them in for customers as they need them, but I find it, not worth it as a business. Vinylux colour & topcoat...
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    Bendy nails

    Hi geeks I had a client yesterday she had nails that grown straight and then bend over after her free edge. She was asking me if there is anything she can do to stop this from growing like that, I didn't have the answer to that. I'll attach a picture for you to see but it might not show...
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    Weak and tiny natural nails

    Hi geeks I've worn acrylics for a long time, simply because I've got the tiniest nail beds anyone could have and very weak nails. On the 14 June this year I decided to go natural. Removed acrylics, did IBX & Shellac. Have been continuing to do this for almost 5 weeks now, but my nails as they...
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    Pamper event

    Hi geeks I'm going to be part of a pamper event on the 25th July. I've never done one before need some ideas on how to do it. So far, Ive decided what I'll be offering on the day, mini manicures with free hand massage. I'll also be getting a banner done to put in front of the table. Take...
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    Shellac peeling - CND lamp on 2 hours

    Hi geeks I've got a regular client who's nails have been peeling in her last 2 appointments. My CND lamp is on 2 hours, could this be a cause of the peeling? If it is, I will have to call her in as she had her nails done a week ago and 3 are peeling, not happened before. Thank you
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    Taken the plunge!

    Hi geeks A while back I had started a topic about going part time in my full time job to pursue my business. That didn't get agreed by my employer. But I've been offered Voluntary redundancy, and I'm taking it. Last day of work 30th June!! Whoppee!!! I've got a lot of ideas that I want...
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    IBX in Kingston or Wimbledon

    Evening geeks I had a client tonight who gets IBX done at my salon. Her sister who lives near Kingston & Wimbledon wants to get IBX done but she can't find a salon around there who does it. Any geeks around those areas that do IBX.
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    Monomer going cloudy

    Hi geeks I do Acrylics very rarely as my main business is CND Shellac. I'm fully qualified in Acrylics but as I rarely do them I don't get much practice and I've been doing them for last 6 years only on myself. I do mine every 2 weeks. I find that my monomer goes cloudy & thick. I watched a...
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    Alcohol ink?

    Hi geeks I've seen some videos with techs making designs with Alchohol ink & sharpies. Where can you get this from?
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    Nail appointment - am I wrong?

    Hi geeks Steaming right now! I've had a death in the family, my mother inlaw passed away, last week. I had been closed from the 18th Dec till 28th Dec. Open for 2 days and closed from 31st Dec to 4th Jan. I am not seeing clients this week, one of my regulars had booked in before Christmas...