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    Should I stay or should I go?

    I always read the posts on here and feel like I can relate to a lot of them and admire and respect many of you!:) if you also read the posts you might remember a few of my posts and be able to offer some advice. I'm now working in a restaurant in the hope another job will come up in my field...
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    Need to return to hairdressers for 3rd time

    Over from nails/beauty hoping for some constructive advice from you lovely hair geeks. I had light brown hair and wanted some highlights for summer.. Not real bright but a noticeable blonde. Went to my usual hairdressers, had the stylist I always have as really like her and always done a good...
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    Need to return to hairdressers for 3rd time

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    Benefit Cosmetics

    Ladies and gents, anyone worked for Benefit Cosmetics? Have been asked to attend an audition and in two minds, due to other job, and other things. Have to travel an hour to audition (I know if I really want it then the travel shouldn't be an issue) deffo! But just want some great advice/tips...
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    Hey ladies/gents, have mentioned some things about my past and need some advice about my future! So, 5 years ago I worked on a make up counter in a department store, at the time I was going through depression and was in a bad place so my reliability was slack. I loved working on counter, the...
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    Just thought I would let the two lovely ladies that commented on my post know that after contacting the salon and speaking with the owners lovely mother I have a meeting with the owner about the apprentiship I'm interested in. At 34 its a real big deal and I want to make a good impression. I...
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    Is age just a number?

    So, I've posted on here before about working in the beauty/make up industry and my position at this time and my career goals. Today I spoke to a lady about studying beauty therapy level 2 at 1,595. I know this is a good price for what you learn and the time spent. Have also thought about a...
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    Left my job!

    Well, worked in a pub 20 hours a week, been there for nearly 2 years whilst my young son is growing up and I am planning my next beauty move!!:) (worked on beauty counters and planning on building a bridal business) so, a lady whom is 54 years old started working at the pub (had previously...
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    Want to book tickets

    Hi geeks, can someone please advice me on the best way to get tickets for either the 02 or Wembley (depends on dates ect) Am wanting to book stand up tickets, either Lee Evans or Mickey Flanagan. Who are the most reputable company to go through? Any advice is a big big help x
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    First male wax-help!

    Hi geeks, my partner had a sack, back and crack on Saturday, he has since come out in a bad rash (some of the spots have pustules on them) chest and back are bad though downstairs is ok. Have been applying antiseptic cream daily, we are going away next Friday, hoping it would have cleared by...
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    Where can I buy Makeup Forever?

    Make up forever cosmetics? Want want want hd foundation, where can I get this make up geeks their website is French and on the uk site doesn't let you purchase products, any help/advice is muh appreciated :)
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    How have I never heard of Lyndsey Harrison.....!? What a fab make up artist and such a nice, funny girl.... Wish she could do my make up.. She's fab.... Check her out on you tube, learning a lot :) x
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    Waxing query

    Hi geeks, am going on holiday and never been waxed! Would like it all neat and tidy (very little left) also around the backside ( is this a Brazilian?) not sure what to ask for? how likely is it to get a reaction? Anything I can do to prevent this? Have read up on aftercare!:) also my partner is...
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    Spray tan on holiday

    Can someone please advice me... Am going on holiday in 4 weeks and thinking the best way to go away with a tan is to have a spray tan... Though can you tan through a spray tan? Not too fussed about that as only away for four days but also what about when I go in the sea or pool... Will I just...
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    Free bridal consultation

    Have finally got my business cards sorted, though now think they are misleading, on my card I have put free bridal consultation, which basically meant the talking bit, finding out details, colours, times and dates, will there be bridesmaids? though do you think the bride will expect application...
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    Anyone there?

    I am wondering If there is anyone on salon geek from my area, ladies who trade in the beauty industry, self employed, work within a salon, own a salon or just have a general interest as I have never seen any posts from people who live in/near my area. I'm in Thanet... Near areas would be...
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    Make up work experience

    Am hoping to get the attention of Make up specialists that need that extra pair of hands on a shoot or in their studio. My passion is make up so would love to be a junior for someone that needs an experienced, hard working individual by their side. E mail sarahcampbell03@live.co.uk
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    Previous experience

    Can I please ask you lovely geeks how much experience, whether it be working for an employer, running your own mobile business or just training before you opened up/ managed a salon. Whats your employment history?x
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    Career choice

    So, am crazy on make up, products,application,colours.. Watch you tube.. Pixi woo, lisa eldridge constant!!You name it, it just excites me!!! Have done basic make up application, level 2 and first year make up artist and worked on make up counters. My plan is to start my own wedding make up...
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    Business plan

    Hi all, would love some advice from you geeks:) have finally got my business head on and putting together a business plan. Though have been working on a make up counter for the last 5 years am hoping to learn lots in the beauty field. I have level 2 in beauty which is basically facials...